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Leonardo DiCaprio's poster
Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby)
Tobey Maguire's poster
Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway)
Carey Mulligan's poster
Carey Mulligan (Daisy Buchanan)
Joel Edgerton's poster
Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan)
Elizabeth Debicki's poster
Elizabeth Debicki (Jordan Baker)
Isla Fisher's poster
Isla Fisher (Myrtle Wilson)
Jason Clarke's poster
Jason Clarke (George Wilson)
Amitabh Bachchan's poster
Amitabh Bachchan (Meyer Wolfsheim)
Callan McAuliffe's poster
Callan McAuliffe (Teen Jay Gatsby)
Adelaide Clemens's poster
Adelaide Clemens (Catherine)
Steve Bisley's poster
Steve Bisley (Dan Cody)
Richard Carter's poster
Richard Carter (Herzog)
Vince Colosimo's poster
Vince Colosimo (Michaelis)
Max Cullen's poster
Max Cullen (Owl Eyes)
Mal Day's poster
Mal Day (The Boss-Probity Trust)
Charlize Skinner's poster
Charlize Skinner (Pammy)
Brendan Maclean's poster
Brendan Maclean (Klipspringer)
Kate Mulvany's poster
Kate Mulvany (Mrs. McKee)
Kahlia Greksa's poster
Kahlia Greksa (The Twins)
Garrett William Fountain's poster
Garrett William Fountain (Barman)
David Furlong's poster
David Furlong (Walter Chase)
Daniel Gill's poster
Daniel Gill (Police Commissioner)
Iota's poster
Iota (Trimalchio the Orchestra Leader)
Barry Otto's poster
Barry Otto (Benny McClenahan)
John O'Connell's poster
John O'Connell (Newton Orchid)
Ben McIvor's poster
Ben McIvor (Clerk - Probity Trust)
Brian Rooney's poster
Brian Rooney (Clerk - Probity Trust)
Gemma Ward's poster
Gemma Ward (Languid Girl)
Goran D. Kleut's poster
Goran D. Kleut (Head Waiter - Speakeasy)
Denning Isles's poster
Denning Isles (Clarinetist)
Ryan Cooper's poster
Ryan Cooper (Extra (uncredited))