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Tvwish is a tv schedule provider website, which started in year 2015 with the aim to find new movies on tv.

At that time HD televisions were getting more main stream but finding HD content was not easy online and the hd disks costs a lot if you buy it legally.
So, there has to be a way right? It was the HD television channels, which till date cost a lot less for the content provided e.g. a 30 days subscription for a movie channel costs roughly Rs 30 per month and you get minimum 180 movies to watch.

It was difficult to check all the movie channel schedule information in the small tv menus and know in details about the movies like what's the movie is about, when was it released, whom does it stars, who are makers.
And finding if it's a new program was even more difficult.

That led to focus on the HD DTH services but who wants to watch the repeated programs. Is not it boring? So, there was the need to process the scheduling info and filter out new movies.

This is how tvwish started. to full fill the wish to watch desired movies on tv. The notification system came handy there, it send you notification about when program comes on tv.


17th March 2021
Time zone issue for indian site was found, which could have spanned for about 2 weeks for some case, this will affect the premiere info in these days.