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Tue 3:38 PM, 21 Mar 2023

Jabariya Jodi (2019)

Abhay Singh runs a syndicate of kidnapping greedy grooms, who demand dowry in Bihar’s Madhopur. He then, forcefully marries them off to the girl, calling it a ‘surprise party’. But when his childhood sweetheart Babli re-enters his life, he must choose between love and his long-term ambitions.

Tue 3:44 PM, 21 Mar 2023

CID (1961)

Epic film of the legendary Spanish hero, Rodrigo Diaz ("El Cid" to his followers), who, without compromising his strict sense of honour, still succeeds in taking the initiative and driving the Moors from Spain.

Tue 3:46 PM, 21 Mar 2023

Suraj (1993)

A man shares some lazy memories about his friend, Manek Mulla, who had a knack for telling stories. On this particular afternoon, Manek narrates a 'unique' love affair with the help of different stories, various characters' point of views and the social relevance of these stories. As these stories proceed, reality mixes with fiction.

Tue 3:49 PM, 21 Mar 2023

Kishen Kanhaiya (1990)

Leela and Bholaram are a childless couple. Leela works as a midwife, and one day assists Sunderdas' wife to give birth to twin boys. She decides to keep one baby for herself, and tells Sunderdas that his wife has given birth to one child. There are complications for the mother, and she passes away without seeing her children. Leela and Bholaram bring up Kanhaiya, while Sunderdas attempts to bring up Kishen, but is unable to do a good job. So he marries Kamini, who comes along with her brother, G

Tue 3:53 PM, 21 Mar 2023

Ziddi (1997)

Deva, a short-tempered man, is a protector of justice and is greatly feared. He saves the CM in an assassination attempt and wants to punish the culprits responsible for the death of his siblings.

Tue 3:56 PM, 21 Mar 2023

Bhaiaji Superhit (2018)

A kind-hearted goon decides to get his wife back by making a film on their love story, while his arch nemesis tries to thwart his plans.

Tue 4:05 PM, 21 Mar 2023

Agneepath (1990)

A young boy's father is lynched before his eyes; fifteen years later he returns home for revenge.

Tue 4:09 PM, 21 Mar 2023

Hate Story 2 (2014)

A young photographer from Mumbai uses her mind to play games with a prominent Hindu rightist leader.

Tue 4:10 PM, 21 Mar 2023

Ichhapyaari Naagin

The story revolves around Iccha, a shape shifting snake. Things get complicated when she falls in love with Babbal Pratap, a human.

Tue 4:13 PM, 21 Mar 2023

Jeene Nahi Doonga (2012)

In Yamalokam retirement age comes from Senior Yama and he gives charge to his Son. However experienced Chitragupta is retained much to his disappointment. He decides to teach a lesson to new Yama and plans to get a person from Bhulokam who can create chaos in Yamalokam. That person turns out to be Bullet Raja a mass character. He falls in love with Taapsee. Though he is yet to complete his lifespan,Chitragupta plays a game and Bullet Raja gets killed only to come to hell. Here he discovers the p

Tue 4:24 PM, 21 Mar 2023

Runway 34 (2022)

A flying prodigy, Captain Vikrant Khanna's flight takes a stirring and mysterious trajectory after take-off from an international destination. Concurrently, it follows the tenacious Narayan Vedant in his pursuit to uncover the truth.

Tue 4:45 PM, 21 Mar 2023

Shiddat (2021)

Love-struck Jaggi can cross the seven seas for his dream girl, Kartika. Even if it means stopping her wedding as he doesn't want to be friend-zoned.

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