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Fri 3:43 AM, 3 Feb 2023 / Colors Cineplex Bollywood

Hey Ram (2000)

Saketh Ram's wife is raped and killed during direct action day riots in Calcutta. He is convinced that Mahatma Gandhi is responsible for all the problems happening in the country. He sets out to kill him.

Fri 1:07 AM, 3 Feb 2023 / Colors Cineplex Bollywood


Shalini wants her daughter, Jyoti, to get married with son of a wealthy man, Gulu. But Jyoti doesn't like Gulu. She meets Deepak and both fall in love. Shalini approves this match of Jyoti and Deepak. But Jyoti comes to know that Deepak is not a rich boy as he pretended all along the way.

Thu 10:22 PM, 2 Feb 2023 / Dhamaka Movies B4U

Kshatriya (2014)

London-born Madhu (Kunkum) comes to India to settle down here. With the help of her relatives, she manages to uprise her house. Dawood (Jaya Prakash Reddy) appoints Srikanth to follow Madhu. Meanwhile, her grandfather (Kota Srinivas Rao) plans to kill Madhu by kshudra Pooja. Due to which Madhu faces hard time in her home. As she doesn’t believe in these kind of incidents, she meets up with a psychiatrist (Rao Ramesh) where she finds out some interesting facts about the incidents happening around

Thu 10:00 PM, 2 Feb 2023 / Colors Cineplex Superhits

A1 Express (2021)

The Yanam hockey team is fighting hard to save their stadium from a corrupt Sports Minister. Will they win the match that decides their fate?

Thu 10:00 PM, 2 Feb 2023 / Colors Cineplex Bollywood

Andolan (1995)

Adarsh (Sanjay Dutt) and Aniket (Govinda) are brothers. Aniket is the elder, while Adarsh is the younger one. Both go to the same college, where beautiful Guddi (Mamta Kulkarni) has a crush on him, and vice-versa. Meanwhile, Adarsh is up to college pranks and practical jokes. One of these pranks and jokes land him into trouble in a girls only hostel. When the time comes to leave college and seek a career, both brothers chose a different path, one of which leads to the destruction and separation

Thu 7:04 PM, 2 Feb 2023 / Colors Cineplex Superhits

Seetharama Kalyana

DescriptionArya, a righteous man who is unconditional for the people he loves, falls in love with a small-town woman named Geetha, unaware of the obstacles that lie ahead both of them.

Thu 7:00 PM, 2 Feb 2023 / Dhamaka Movies B4U

Shahenshah (1988)

Inspector Srivastav is framed by a wily and cunning gangster, J.K., and unable to prove his innocence, hangs himself, leaving behind his wife, and son, Vijay. Years later, Vijay has grown up and has joined the police force as an Inspector. Unlike his dad, he is corrupt and does accept bribes to turn a nelson's eye to crime. The City Police are assigned the task of apprehending a customed man called "Shahenshah", who operates at night and targets, tries and kills gangsters in a "Judge and Executi

Thu 6:51 PM, 2 Feb 2023 / Colors Cineplex Bollywood

Watan Ke Rakhwale (1987)

Baffling the authorities, a secret organization with powerful connections is creating havoc and getting away with loads of money. But their criminal run may be drawing to an end as an astute secret agent closes in with plans to bring them down. Unfortunately, the gang of baddies is tipped off to his activities and devises a counter-attack designed to eliminate him permanently.

Thu 4:52 PM, 2 Feb 2023 / Colors Cineplex Superhits

Dangerous Khiladi 2 (2013)

Sanju (Allu Arjun) is a guitarist who operates a band in Barcelona. Komali (Amala Paul) goes to Barcelona to learn more about violin in an university. Akanksha (Catherina Tresa) is the daughter of a central minister. She comes to Barcelona for studies. Akanksha gets hold of a diary in which she reads the love story between Sanju and Komali. In the process, she gets interested in Sanju and falls in love with him as he seems to be single. The rest of the story is all about what happened to Komali.

Thu 4:33 PM, 2 Feb 2023 / Dhamaka Movies B4U

Saathi (1968)

Dr. Ravi returns from abroad and takes up position as Chief Surgeon in a hospital. He then meets with Nurse Shanti, who lives an impoverished lifestyle with her ailing mother, and decides to perform surgery, but she passes away, and a guilt-ridden Ravi marries Shanti much to the chagrin of his mentor, Kaka, who had hoped that he would marry his daughter, Rajni. The couple then travel to Kashmir for their honey-moon, and then settle down to a harmonious relationship. Hoping to travel even more, t

Thu 3:35 PM, 2 Feb 2023 / Colors Cineplex Bollywood

Ganga Ki Saugand (1978)

Jeeva, the son of a elderly washer woman, is tired of the abuses at the hands of his village's leader Thakur Jaswant Singh, and vows to bring about his downfall.

Thu 3:12 PM, 2 Feb 2023 / Colors Cineplex HD

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983)

Two zanies open a photography studio. They score a partnership with a gossip magazine that suddenly thrusts them into a world of corruption, murder, and hijinks.