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Mon, 8:00 AM 2 Aug / Manoranjan TV

Mon, 8:01 AM 2 Aug / Sony Max

Legend The Terror (2004)

This prequel of the bone-chilling Tremors begins in the town of Rejection, Nev., in 1889, where 17 men die under mysterious circumstances. Spooked by recent events, the miners who populate the town l

Mon, 8:03 AM 2 Aug / Star Gold

Bodyguard (2011)

Lovely Singh (Salman Khan) is the bodyguard of Sartaj Rana's (Raj Babbar) daughter Divya Rana (Kareena Kapoor). He is very devoted to his duties but irritates her all the time by following her everyw

Mon, 8:04 AM 2 Aug / Zee Action

Aag Ka Gola (1990)

Young Shankar is framed for a theft he did not commit. He escapes from police and runs into his mother's arms. When Shankar's mother sees Shankar being arrested by police, she dies due to shock. Shan

Mon, 8:07 AM 2 Aug / And Pictures

Partner (2007)

The only male child in the family that sired six daughters, Prem has empathy towards the fair sex and decides to assist males to woo women so much so that he becomes popular as the 'Love Guru'. Among

Mon, 8:29 AM 2 Aug / UTV Movies


A don sends three criminals to recover a treasure buried by his grandfather in a village. A fourth criminal joins the trio en route, and they decide to hoodwink the don and share the treasure between

Mon, 8:31 AM 2 Aug / Colors Cineplex

Raj Mahal 2 (2016)

A ghost enters a palatial mansion and starts attacking the men in the family. What is its back story?

Mon, 8:39 AM 2 Aug / Sony Wah

Bal Hanuman 2

al Hanuman 2 explores the adventurous childhood antics of Lord Hanuman and is full of action & adventure while being informative at the same time. Lord Hanuman is portrayed as the Saviour of the weak

Mon, 8:40 AM 2 Aug / Star Gold Select

Barefoot To Goa (2015)

A parable on the moribund human bonds in a fast-paced world, which is a warning that poignantly highlights the futility of life and death.

Mon, 8:48 AM 2 Aug / Zee Anmol Cinema

Bol Radha Bol (1992)

Kishan Malhotra finds his life turned upside down, when he returns home one day to find that his place has been taken over by a look-alike imposter.

Mon, 8:54 AM 2 Aug / Zee Bollywood

Khudgarz (1987)

Sita Sinha (Sushma Seth) has brought up her son, Bihari and his friend, Amar as her own. The three are very close to each other. When they grow up they maintain their friendship and love for each oth

Mon, 8:56 AM 2 Aug / Sony Max 2

Heer Ranjha (2009)

You mention any good usual love story and it will have all the usual emotions of love, longing, pain, quest and sacrifice. But the moment you mention Heer Ranjha, the word 'eternal' is pre fixed to a

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