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Mon 4:30 PM, 30 Jan 2023

Lost Recipes

The host journeys across various regions of India to revive and popularise forgotten traditional recipes.

Mon 4:37 PM, 30 Jan 2023

Deadly 60

It's not that Steve Backshall has a death wish. Quite the opposite, actually. He lives for adventure, and his mission to come as close as possible to 60 of the world's most deadly animals is a brazen way to challenge himself. The naturalist and wildlife expert journeys to five continents and encount…

Mon 4:45 PM, 30 Jan 2023

Expedition Unknown

Josh Gates, an archeologist, travels across the world in search of lost artefacts and investigates unsolved mysteries like the creation of the Nazca lines.

Mon 4:50 PM, 30 Jan 2023

Bad Chad Customs

S01 E07- Bad Chadillac: Chad takes on his first build under his new banner at Hiltz Automotive. Later, he team transform a stubborn '57 Cadillac into a futuristic roadster fit for a king.

Mon 5:30 PM, 30 Jan 2023

Tyohar Ki Thaali

Sakshi Tanwar in Tyohaar Ki Thaali decides to celebrate one festival a week and along with the celebration, she also prepares two dishes from her mom's diary which is her prized possession. Along with preparing the dishes she also reminisces into the moments of how she celebrated some festivals and also shares some stories about the Gods.

Mon 5:35 PM, 30 Jan 2023

Man vs. Wild (2011)

In the most unforgiving and hostile environments on the planet, Bear Grylls has faced a host of life and death situations displaying his extreme survival skills, almost-superhuman endurance and countless, resourceful (and sometimes questionable) survival techniques. One of the notable features of Man Vs. Wild is the extreme and often outrageous extents to which Bear will go to as he demonstrates ways to find food or quench his thirst, to survive the extreme and to escape the wild. For the first

Mon 5:40 PM, 30 Jan 2023

Iron Resurrection

A gang of vehicle lovers are working hard towards giving rusted and busted vehicles a new lease of life.

Mon 5:40 PM, 30 Jan 2023

True Conviction

The Final Call: Witnesses and investigators revisit the case of Donna Decker's murder to unravel the tangled web of clues that lead to a conviction.

Mon 5:48 PM, 30 Jan 2023

Rick Stein's India (2013)

Rick Stein sets out on a journey around India to discover the different cuisines celebrated the world over.

Mon 6:00 PM, 30 Jan 2023

Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan

A look at the ancestry and extravagant culinary traditions of the royalty in India.

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