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Infotainment Schedule on india television. Get Schedule of Infotainment channels on tv with poster, synopsis, genre, release date info.

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Wed, 3:41 PM / SONY BBC Earth


Five animal species, chimpanzees, painted wolves, lions, penguins and tigers, are struggling for survival. Sir David Attenborough tries to shed light on their struggle and the need for conservation.

Wed, 4:00 PM / Investigation Discovery

Betrayed (1988)

"Betrayed" reveals chilling stories of chasing the American dream and how the veneer can dramatically crumble, ending in murder at the hands of a trusted family member, co-worker, lover, or friend. The cases of deception are told through the lens of the fictionalized, first-person perspectives of the victims. As investigators, family, and friends peel back the layers and facts of each case, the otherworldly narrator already knows where the trail ends. The narrator guides viewers through various

Wed, 4:00 PM / Discovery Turbo

Garage Squad (2014)

A fix-it show where a lucky car owner is selected to have his or her stalled and neglected project vehicle finally completed over the course of a weekend with the help of our hosts. They crash your garage and take the car from “DIY Dead End” to “Done.”

Wed, 4:00 PM / EPIC

Epic Ke Dus

Experts share their views on ten thoroughly researched people, places or events that changed the course of history in India.

Wed, 4:10 PM / Discovery

Expedition Unknown With Josh Gates

Intrigued by legendary mysteries and driven by curiosity, Josh Gates is on a mission for answers. `Exhibition Unknown' chronicles his global adventures as he investigates iconic unsolved events, lost cities, buried treasures and other puzzling stories. Armed with a degree in archaeology, a quick wit…

Wed, 4:39 PM / SONY BBC Earth

Deadly 60 On a Mission

It's not that Steve Backshall has a death wish. Quite the opposite, actually. He lives for adventure, and his mission to come as close as possible to 60 of the world's most deadly animals is a brazen way to challenge himself. The naturalist and wildlife expert journeys to five continents and encount…

Wed, 4:50 PM / Investigation Discovery

Web Of Lies (2009)

Abby Turner has it all: brains, looks and a terrific job as the lead Internet security designer at Custodis Systems. But when her seemingly perfect boyfriend - Josh Lawson - is murdered, Abby's world is turned upside down. Caught in a web of devious schemes and deadly betrayals, Abby must rely on her quick wits and analytical skills - and practise a little deception of her own - if she's to survive the deadly "Web of Lies"

Wed, 4:50 PM / Discovery Turbo

Railroad Alaska (2013)

Following an elite crew of workers-- brakemen, engineers, construction crews, mechanics and train drivers – Railroad Alaska illustrates the battle against ferocious weather and treacherous terrain to keep the State of Alaska’s critical 500-mile long railroad rolling to deliver life sustaining supplies. From controlled avalanches to prevent catastrophe, to fascinating characters, like Jim James, the one-handed handy man, learn what it takes to keep this train on track.

Wed, 5:03 PM / SONY BBC Earth

Fishing Impossible

Three fishing mates. Ten epic adventures. Charlie, Jay and the Blowfish are three obsessive fishing buddies, each with their own area of expertise. ...

Wed, 5:05 PM / Discovery

Man vs. Wild (2011)

In the most unforgiving and hostile environments on the planet, Bear Grylls has faced a host of life and death situations displaying his extreme survival skills, almost-superhuman endurance and countless, resourceful (and sometimes questionable) survival techniques. One of the notable features of Man Vs. Wild is the extreme and often outrageous extents to which Bear will go to as he demonstrates ways to find food or quench his thirst, to survive the extreme and to escape the wild. For the first

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