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Sat 7:35 PM, 11 Feb 2023 / Discovery

Sat 7:08 PM, 11 Feb 2023 / Discovery

Crimes Gone Viral

Do No Harm: On Valentine's Day, a man is visiting his girlfriend at work when a robber leaps onto the counter while a man sees a woman being dragged down against her will.

Wed 6:30 PM, 8 Feb 2023 / Discovery Turbo

Mon 10:00 PM, 6 Feb 2023 / SONY BBC Earth

Rick Stein's Secret France (2019)

Rick Stein sets off on a new culinary adventure to search for France's best kept gastronomic secrets.

Mon 7:59 PM, 6 Feb 2023 / SONY BBC Earth

Ancient Invisible Cities

Cairo: Historians shed light on some of the most captivating cities of the ancient world and use virtual technology to reveal interesting facts about architectural jewels.

Sun 9:48 PM, 5 Feb 2023 / Discovery

Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune (2021)

"Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune", a spin-off of Discovery’s #1 rated show "Gold Rush", is a reality television series that follows each mining crew as they work through the off-season and race to be the first to find the richest ground.

Sun 9:25 AM, 5 Feb 2023 / Discovery

Sat 7:30 PM, 4 Feb 2023 / Discovery

Bear Grylls: How To Stay Alive

Bear Grylls : How To Stay Alive: Renowned adventurer and television presenter, Bear Grylls, endures some of the world's most inhospitable places and reveals his secrets of survival in such extreme conditions.

Wed 9:05 PM, 1 Feb 2023 / EPIC

The Legends Of Bhopal

The filmmaker sheds light on the history of the city of Bhopal, which has seen many adversities and reclaimed its glory time and again.

Tue 9:00 PM, 31 Jan 2023 / EPIC

Short Mid - Wicket Tales

The host reflects back on the untold stories of the Indian cricket team and the life-changing moments of some of the best players in their careers.

Sun 9:05 PM, 29 Jan 2023 / EPIC


The filmmaker sheds light on the trekking in the Kokankada cliffs of Maharashtra and provides insights into the adventure and experiences.

Sun 11:46 AM, 29 Jan 2023 / SONY BBC Earth

The Story of Fertility

Journalist Alex Jones sheds light on the latest IVF techniques and how it impacts a woman's life. She interacts with several women, gaining insight to their opinions on the issue.