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25-May-2019 3:39 AM

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Sabse Bada Leader Poster
Sabse Bada Leader (2011)
25-May-2019 2:55 AM

The movie opens with a scene of a bank robbery in progress. The actions of the robbers during the gateway is photographed by Ashwin (Jeeva). After a chase, the injured Ashwin loses his camera to the robbers but managed to retrieve the memory card. His brave actions are broadcasted in the local TV channels and earns him praises from his colleagues and media friends.


Upcoming Programs

Karkash Poster
25-May-2019 4:45 AM

Manasi faces innumerable hardships when her husband, Shankar, doubts her fidelity and subjects her to torture until she proves her innocence.

Sangdil Sanam Poster
Sangdil Sanam (1994)
25-May-2019 6:00 AM

Kailash Nath is the Manager of a Bank and lives a comfortable lifestyle with his wife, Savitri, and son, Kishan. He is friendly with the Bank Watchman, Shankar Dayal Khurana, so much so that he arranges the marriage of Kishan with Shankar's daughter, Sanam. Shortly after the marriage of the two children, the bank is robbed, Kailash becomes a suspect, is arrested, charged, and sentenced to 12 years in prison. After he completes his sentence he returns home to find out that Savitri and Kishan are

Krodh Poster
25-May-2019 8:50 AM

An overprotective brother, who wants to keep his five sisters safe from the cruel world, faces antagonism from them after they turn against him.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Poster
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)
25-May-2019 11:40 AM

Anjali is left heartbroken when her best friend and secret crush, Rahul, falls in love with Tina. Years later, Tina's young daughter tries to fulfil her mother's last wish of uniting Rahul and Anjali.

Garam Poster
Garam (2005)
25-May-2019 2:55 PM

What happens when a good for nothing handsome hunk like Mac finds himself in possession of an empty flat and access to three gorgeous air hostesses, Priti, Sweety and Puja? Garam Masala! What happens when Mac, who is already engaged to Anjali, convinces each of the three girls that she is the one and only one for him? Garam Masala! What happens when Sam, once Mac's best friend and now his sworn enemy, threatens to reveal Mac's harem to Anjali? Garam Masala! What happens when all the girls land i

Inspector Vijay  Poster
Inspector Vijay
25-May-2019 5:10 PM

When false allegations are levied against him, a police officer has 24 hours to prove his innocence.

Seetharama Kalyana Poster
Seetharama Kalyana
25-May-2019 7:29 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Power Unlimited Poster
Power Unlimited (2010)
25-May-2019 10:10 PM

Michael Mosley takes an informative and ambitious journey exploring how the evolution of scientific understanding is intimately interwoven with society's historical path

Jallaad Poster
26-May-2019 12:00 AM

A young police inspector sets out on a quest to find out the truth of his real parentage when his marriage gets postponed.

Phir Aaya Jigarbaaz Poster
Phir Aaya Jigarbaaz (2012)
26-May-2019 3:10 AM

Selva (Arun Vijay) owns a travel agency in Chennai. He dreams to make it big in life and is all set to marry his lover Priya (Mamta Mohandas). The city is under the grip of dreaded baddies Maha (Maha Gandhi) and his brother Kumar (Krishnavamsi). They are loan sharks who go to any extent to wield their clout in the city. Selva comes across Maha and soon Maha gets killed in mysterious circumstances. The blame falls on Selva. Kumar and his men want to bump off Selva. A perplexed Selva runs for cove

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