Rishtey Cineplex Hindi Movie Premiere (Page 1)

Find what are the newest Hindi Movie programs to watch on Rishtey Cineplex channel.
Programs are sorted in order of first shown in Rishtey Cineplex channel and this way not alway be the first time on tv or world television premiere.

Luv Dhoka Poster
Luv Dhoka
17-Aug-2019 5:00 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Ammai Kosam Poster
Ammai Kosam (2001)
13-Aug-2019 6:35 AM

Ravi, Venkat, Balu and Venu, four unemployed graduates, waste their time in doing unconstructive things. However, their lives change when they meet Anjali, a photographer.

Andhadhun Poster
Andhadhun (2018)
12-Aug-2019 12:00 AM

A series of mysterious events changes the life of a blind pianist who now must report a crime that was actually never witnessed by him.


Kadaikutty Singam  Poster
Kadaikutty Singam
11-Aug-2019 11:50 AM

Gunasingam, a family-loving farmer who hails from a small town, tries his best to keep his big family united despite him being misunderstood by many.

Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors Poster

Hariprasad Dhoonca lives with his mom, Sangeeta; dad, Amul; and brother, Rocky in London, England; has a room to himself and plenty of space to play. His privacy will be invaded by the arrival of his aunt, Santosh, his uncle, DK, as well as three cousins and their friends. He will be asked to relocate to another room, while he will be temporarily occupied by his female cousins and their friends. Unhappy with his arrangement; picked upon by his older brother and cousins, he desperately prays to B


Mere Baap Pehle Aap Poster
Mere Baap Pehle Aap (2008)
7-Aug-2019 5:25 AM

As if running a mall is not enough, Gaurav Rane has also to bail out his widower dad, Janardhan, as well as Madhav Mathur, several times from police custody on multiple counts of eve-teasing. Romance enters his life in the attractive shape of U.S.-based Sheekha Kapoor, who also befriends both Janardhan and Madhav. Chaos results, hilarious at times, when Janardhan starts to change his appearance to


Pratikar Poster
7-Aug-2019 3:00 AM

When his foster-sister is murdered, Krishna, an orphan, vows to avenge her. While working towards his goal, Krishna is pursued by Suraj, a police inspector who is Krishna's separated foster-brother.

Anjala Poster
2-Aug-2019 7:15 PM

Can a 100-year-old tea shop, which is more of a home for a group of regulars and a legacy for its soft-spoken owner, survive a road widening plan?

love action dhamaka movie Poster
love action dhamaka movie
1-Aug-2019 7:55 PM

A carefree young man leading an aimless life falls in love with a cultured and simple woman, but she does not reciprocate his emotion. However, when circumstances force her to marry him, he embarks upon a journey to make his wife fall in love with him. Will he succeed in his mission?

Salaam Bacche Poster
Salaam Bacche (2007)
1-Aug-2019 4:45 AM

After losing his sister Pooja's only pair of shoes, 11-year-old Rahul must figure out a way to keep the bad news from worrying his hardworking father. His solution: Until he's able to replace hers, he and Pooja will take turns using his shoes. Ravi Behl, Vrajesh Hirjee, Vikay Pattkar, Razzak Khan and Naved Jaffrey star in this heartwarming family film from directors Pratima V. Kulkarni and Khalid Y. Batliwala.

Lakshman Rekha Poster
Lakshman Rekha
31-Jul-2019 7:05 PM

A man's friend refuses to let him take the law into his own hands to avenge his father.

Khooni Yudh Poster
Khooni Yudh
30-Jul-2019 7:45 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.