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Chris Pratt's poster
Chris Pratt (Mario (voice))
Charlie Day's poster
Charlie Day (Luigi (voice))
Anya Taylor-Joy's poster
Anya Taylor-Joy (Princess Peach (voice))
Jack Black's poster
Jack Black (Bowser (voice))
Keegan-Michael Key's poster
Keegan-Michael Key (Toad (voice))
Seth Rogen's poster
Seth Rogen (Donkey Kong (voice))
Fred Armisen's poster
Fred Armisen (Cranky Kong (voice))
Sebastian Maniscalco's poster
Sebastian Maniscalco (Spike (voice))
Kevin Michael Richardson's poster
Kevin Michael Richardson (Kamek (voice))
Charles Martinet's poster
Charles Martinet (Mario's Dad / Giuseppe (voice))
Khary Payton's poster
Khary Payton (Penguin King (voice))
Juliet Jelenic's poster
Juliet Jelenic (Lumalee (voice))
Rino Romano's poster
Rino Romano (Uncle Tony (voice))
John DiMaggio's poster
John DiMaggio (Uncle Arthur (voice))
Jessica DiCicco's poster
Jessica DiCicco (Mario's Mom (voice))
Eric Bauza's poster
Eric Bauza (Toad General (voice))
Scott Menville's poster
Scott Menville (Koopa General (voice))
Jason Broad's poster
Jason Broad (Additional Voices (voice))
Carlos Alazraqui's poster
Carlos Alazraqui (Additional Voices (voice))
Ashly Burch's poster
Ashly Burch (Additional Voices (voice))
Rachel Butera's poster
Rachel Butera (Additional Voices (voice))
Cathy Cavadini's poster
Cathy Cavadini (Additional Voices (voice))
Will Collyer's poster
Will Collyer (Additional Voices (voice))
Django Craig's poster
Django Craig (Additional Voices (voice))
Willow Geer's poster
Willow Geer (Additional Voices (voice))
Aaron Hendry's poster
Aaron Hendry (Additional Voices (voice))
Andy Hirsch's poster
Andy Hirsch (Additional Voices (voice))
Phil LaMarr's poster
Phil LaMarr (Additional Voices (voice))
Jeremy Maxwell's poster
Jeremy Maxwell (Additional Voices (voice))
Daniel Mora's poster
Daniel Mora (Additional Voices (voice))
Eric Osmond's poster
Eric Osmond (Additional Voices (voice))
Noreen Reardon's poster
Noreen Reardon (Additional Voices (voice))
Lee Shorten's poster
Lee Shorten (Additional Voices (voice))
Cree Summer's poster
Cree Summer (Additional Voices (voice))
Nisa Ward's poster
Nisa Ward (Additional Voices (voice))
Nora Wyman's poster
Nora Wyman (Additional Voices (voice))
Barbara Harris's poster
Barbara Harris (Additional Voices (voice))
Kazumi Totaka's poster
Kazumi Totaka (Yoshi (voice) (uncredited))