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Juliette Binoche's poster
Juliette Binoche (Claire Millaud)
Nicole Garcia's poster
Nicole Garcia (Dr. Catherine Bormans)
François Civil's poster
François Civil (Alex Chelly)
Marie-Ange Casta's poster
Marie-Ange Casta (Katia)
Guillaume Gouix's poster
Guillaume Gouix (Ludovic Dalaux)
Charles Berling's poster
Charles Berling (Gilles)
Jules Houplain's poster
Jules Houplain (Max)
Jules Gauzelin's poster
Jules Gauzelin (Tristan)
Francis Leplay's poster
Francis Leplay (Serge)
Pierre Giraud's poster
Pierre Giraud (Paul)
Claude Perron's poster
Claude Perron (Solange)
François Genty's poster
François Genty (The patient)
Laurène Savart's poster
Laurène Savart
Angèle Humeau's poster
Angèle Humeau