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Al Pacino's poster
Al Pacino (Michael Corleone)
Diane Keaton's poster
Diane Keaton (Kay Adams)
Talia Shire's poster
Talia Shire (Connie Corleone Rizzi)
Andy García's poster
Andy García (Vincent Mancini)
Eli Wallach's poster
Eli Wallach (Don Altobello)
Joe Mantegna's poster
Joe Mantegna (Joey Zasa)
George Hamilton's poster
George Hamilton (B.J. Harrison)
Bridget Fonda's poster
Bridget Fonda (Grace Hamilton)
Sofia Coppola's poster
Sofia Coppola (Mary Corleone)
Raf Vallone's poster
Raf Vallone (Cardinal Lamberto)
Franc D'Ambrosio's poster
Franc D'Ambrosio (Anthony Corleone)
Donal Donnelly's poster
Donal Donnelly (Archbishop Gilday)
Richard Bright's poster
Richard Bright (Al Neri)
Helmut Berger's poster
Helmut Berger (Frederick Keinszig)
Don Novello's poster
Don Novello (Dominic Abbandando)
John Savage's poster
John Savage (Father Andrew Hagen)
Franco Citti's poster
Franco Citti (Calo)
Mario Donatone's poster
Mario Donatone (Mosca)
Vittorio Duse's poster
Vittorio Duse (Don Tommasino)
Enzo Robutti's poster
Enzo Robutti (Don Licio Lucchesi)
Michele Russo's poster
Michele Russo (Spara)
Al Martino's poster
Al Martino (Johnny Fontane)
Robert Cicchini's poster
Robert Cicchini (Lou Pennino)
Rogerio Miranda's poster
Rogerio Miranda (Twin Bodyguard Armand)
Carlos Miranda's poster
Carlos Miranda (Twin Bodyguard Francesco)
Vito Antuofermo's poster
Vito Antuofermo (Anthony 'The Ant' Squigliaro)
Robert Vento's poster
Robert Vento (Father John)
Willie Brown's poster
Willie Brown (Party Politician)
Jeannie Linero's poster
Jeannie Linero (Lucy Mancini)
Jeanne Savarino Pesch's poster
Jeanne Savarino Pesch (Francesca Corleone)
Janet Savarino Smith's poster
Janet Savarino Smith (Kathryn Corleone)
Tere Livrano's poster
Tere Livrano (Teresa Hagen)
Carmine Caridi's poster
Carmine Caridi (Albert Volpe)
Don Costello's poster
Don Costello (Frank Romano)
Al Ruscio's poster
Al Ruscio (Leo Cuneo)
Mickey Knox's poster
Mickey Knox (Marty Parisi)
Rick Aviles's poster
Rick Aviles (Mask #1)
Michael Bowen's poster
Michael Bowen (Mask #2)
Brett Halsey's poster
Brett Halsey (Douglas Michelson)
Gabriele Torrei's poster
Gabriele Torrei (Enzo the Baker)
Brian Freilino's poster
Brian Freilino (Stockholder)
Gregory Corso's poster
Gregory Corso (Unruly Stockholder)
Marino Masé's poster
Marino Masé (Lupo)
Dado Ruspoli's poster
Dado Ruspoli (Vanni)
Valeria Sabel's poster
Valeria Sabel (Sister Vincenza)
Remo Remotti's poster
Remo Remotti (Cardinal Sistine)
Luigi Laezza's poster
Luigi Laezza (Keinszig Killer)
Giuseppe Pianviti's poster
Giuseppe Pianviti (Keinszig Killer)
Santo Indelicato's poster
Santo Indelicato (Guardia del Corpo)
Simonetta Stefanelli's poster
Simonetta Stefanelli (Apollonia Vitelli-Corleone)
Francesco Paolo Bellante's poster
Francesco Paolo Bellante (Autista di Don Tommasino)
Paco Reconti's poster
Paco Reconti (Gesu)
Mimmo Cuticchio's poster
Mimmo Cuticchio (Puppet Narrator)
Richard Honigman's poster
Richard Honigman (Party Reporter)
Nicky Blair's poster
Nicky Blair (Nicky the Casino Host)
Anthony Guidera's poster
Anthony Guidera (Anthony, the Bodyguard)
Frank Tarsia's poster
Frank Tarsia (Frankie, the Bodyguard)
Diana Agostini's poster
Diana Agostini (Woman with Child at Street Fair)
Jessica DiCicco's poster
Jessica DiCicco (Child (as Jessica Di Ciccio))
Catherine Scorsese's poster
Catherine Scorsese (Woman in Cafe)
Ida Bernardini's poster
Ida Bernardini (Woman in Cafe)
Joe Drago's poster
Joe Drago (Party Security)
David Hume Kennerly's poster
David Hume Kennerly (Party Photographer)
James D. Damiano's poster
James D. Damiano (Son Playing Soccer)
Michael Boccio's poster
Michael Boccio (Father of Soccer Player)
Ludovico Caldarera's poster
Ludovico Caldarera (Young Priest (uncredited))
R. Emmett Fitzsimmons's poster
R. Emmett Fitzsimmons (Mob Boss (uncredited))
Salvatore Borgese's poster
Salvatore Borgese (Lucchesi Guard (uncredited))
Salvatore Billa's poster
Salvatore Billa (Lucchesi Guard (uncredited))
Frank Ferrara's poster
Frank Ferrara (Zasa's Bodyguard (uncredited))
Gia Coppola's poster
Gia Coppola (Connie's Granddaughter (uncredited))
Joe Fontana's poster
Joe Fontana (St. Gennaro Feast Mob Guy (uncredited))
Richard Maldone's poster
Richard Maldone (Zasa's Bodyguard (uncredited))
Tony Devon's poster
Tony Devon (Mob Family Lawyer at Church (uncredited))
Anton Coppola's poster
Anton Coppola (Conductor (uncredited))
Carmine Coppola's poster
Carmine Coppola (Bandleader (uncredited))
Ron Jeremy's poster
Ron Jeremy (Man Chewing Toothpick (uncredited))
F.X. Vitolo's poster
F.X. Vitolo (Pasquale (uncredited))
David L. Thompson's poster
David L. Thompson (Party Guest (uncredited))
Angelo Romero's poster
Angelo Romero (Alfio (uncredited))
Madelyn Renée Monti's poster
Madelyn Renée Monti (Lola (singing voice))
Luciano Foti's poster
Luciano Foti (Audience Member (uncredited))
Frank Albanese's poster
Frank Albanese (Grand Marshall at St. Gennaro Feast (uncredited))
John Abineri's poster
John Abineri (Hamilton Banker)
Pietro Torrisi's poster
Pietro Torrisi (Meeting Guard (uncredited))
Angelo Ragusa's poster
Angelo Ragusa (Meeting Guard (uncredited))
Claudio Zucchet's poster
Claudio Zucchet (Meeting Guard (uncredited))