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James Franco's poster
James Franco (Himself)
Jonah Hill's poster
Jonah Hill (Himself)
Seth Rogen's poster
Seth Rogen (Himself)
Jay Baruchel's poster
Jay Baruchel (Himself)
Danny McBride's poster
Danny McBride (Himself)
Craig Robinson's poster
Craig Robinson (Himself)
Michael Cera's poster
Michael Cera (Himself)
Emma Watson's poster
Emma Watson (Herself)
Mindy Kaling's poster
Mindy Kaling (Herself)
David Krumholtz's poster
David Krumholtz (Himself)
Christopher Mintz-Plasse's poster
Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Himself)
Rihanna's poster
Rihanna (Herself)
Martin Starr's poster
Martin Starr (Himself)
Paul Rudd's poster
Paul Rudd (Himself)
Channing Tatum's poster
Channing Tatum (Himself)
Kevin Hart's poster
Kevin Hart (Himself)
Aziz Ansari's poster
Aziz Ansari (Himself)
Samantha Ressler's poster
Samantha Ressler (Karen (Franco's Asst.))
Douglas M. Griffin's poster
Douglas M. Griffin (Father in Store)
Lo Graham's poster
Lo Graham (Daughter in Store)
Carol Sutton's poster
Carol Sutton (Cashier)
Yohance Myles's poster
Yohance Myles (Cell Phone Guy)
Richard Holden's poster
Richard Holden (Priest)
Brian Huskey's poster
Brian Huskey (Headless Man)
Randy Rousseau's poster
Randy Rousseau (News Reporter)
Travers Mackel's poster
Travers Mackel (News Reporter)
Amber Carew's poster
Amber Carew (Cera Girl #1)
Dallas West's poster
Dallas West (Cera Girl #2)
David Jensen's poster
David Jensen (Cannibal #1)
Jack Flynn's poster
Jack Flynn (Cannibal #2)
Carey Jones's poster
Carey Jones (Rape Demon)
Ricky Mabe's poster
Ricky Mabe (Santa Cannibal)
Jason Cox's poster
Jason Cox (Paparazzi)
Nick Carter's poster
Nick Carter (Himself)
Howie Dorough's poster
Howie Dorough (Himself)
Brian Littrell's poster
Brian Littrell (Himself)
AJ McLean's poster
AJ McLean (Himself)
Kevin Richardson's poster
Kevin Richardson (Himself)
Will Addison's poster
Will Addison (Party Hipster (uncredited))
Edward J. Clare's poster
Edward J. Clare (Capt. Angelo (uncredited))
Dwight V Coleman's poster
Dwight V Coleman (Hick (uncredited))
John Darko's poster
John Darko (Partygoer (uncredited))
Ashleigh Dejon's poster
Ashleigh Dejon (Partygoer (uncredited))
Michelle DeVito's poster
Michelle DeVito (Partygoer (uncredited))
Z. Dieterich's poster
Z. Dieterich (Melrose Driver (uncredited))
Tammy Dugen's poster
Tammy Dugen (Greek Woman (uncredited))
Evan Goldberg's poster
Evan Goldberg (Himself (uncredited))
Damian Gomez's poster
Damian Gomez (Backstreet Boys Backup Dancer (uncredited))
Steffie Grote's poster
Steffie Grote (LA Hipster / Driver (uncredited))
Devin Hennessy's poster
Devin Hennessy (Disco Dude (uncredited))
Ashley Lambert's poster
Ashley Lambert (Party Girl (voice))
Chi Muoi Lo's poster
Chi Muoi Lo (Jang (uncredited))
Brittany Perry-Russell's poster
Brittany Perry-Russell (Heaven's Angel (uncredited))
Erin Rementer's poster
Erin Rementer (Flight Attendant (uncredited))
Candice Richardson's poster
Candice Richardson (Party Guest (uncredited))
Met Salih's poster
Met Salih (Partygoer (uncredited))
Jason Segel's poster
Jason Segel (Himself (uncredited))
Jordan Sudduth's poster
Jordan Sudduth (Partygoer (uncredited))
Brandon Trost's poster
Brandon Trost (Cannibal (uncredited))
Jason Trost's poster
Jason Trost (JTRO (uncredited))
Joseph Uzzell's poster
Joseph Uzzell (Airport Passenger (uncredited))
Syd Wilder's poster
Syd Wilder (Angel (uncredited))