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Ewan McGregor's poster
Ewan McGregor (The Ghost)
Pierce Brosnan's poster
Pierce Brosnan (Adam Lang)
Kim Cattrall's poster
Kim Cattrall (Amelia Bly)
Olivia Williams's poster
Olivia Williams (Ruth Lang)
Tom Wilkinson's poster
Tom Wilkinson (Paul Emmett)
Timothy Hutton's poster
Timothy Hutton (Sidney Kroll)
Jon Bernthal's poster
Jon Bernthal (Rick Ricardelli)
Tim Preece's poster
Tim Preece (Roy)
Robert Pugh's poster
Robert Pugh (Richard Rycart)
David Rintoul's poster
David Rintoul (Stranger)
Eli Wallach's poster
Eli Wallach (Old man)
Jim Belushi's poster
Jim Belushi (John Maddox)
Anna Botting's poster
Anna Botting (SKY TV newsreader)
Yvonne Tomlinson's poster
Yvonne Tomlinson (Stewardess)
Milton Welsh's poster
Milton Welsh (Taxi Driver)
Alister Mazzotti's poster
Alister Mazzotti (Protection Officer Nº1)
Tim Faraday's poster
Tim Faraday (Barry)
Kate Copeland's poster
Kate Copeland (Alice)
Soogi Kang's poster
Soogi Kang (Dep)
Hong Thay Lee's poster
Hong Thay Lee (Duc)
John Keogh's poster
John Keogh (Protection Officer Nº2)
Hans-Peter Sussner's poster
Hans-Peter Sussner (Protection Officer Nº3)
Stuart Austen's poster
Stuart Austen (Protection Officer Nº4)
Marianne Graffam's poster
Marianne Graffam (Lucy)
Morgane Polanski's poster
Morgane Polanski (Hotel Receptionist)
Andy Gütig's poster
Andy Gütig (Protection Officer Nº5)
Robert Wallhöfer's poster
Robert Wallhöfer (Protection Officer Nº6)
Glenn Conroy's poster
Glenn Conroy (Barman)
Robert Seeliger's poster
Robert Seeliger (CNN Newscaster)
Clayton Nemrow's poster
Clayton Nemrow (Journalist)
Julia Kratz's poster
Julia Kratz (Woman with bullhorn)
Nyasha Hatendi's poster
Nyasha Hatendi (Josh)
Daphne Alexander's poster
Daphne Alexander (Connie)
Angelique Fernandez's poster
Angelique Fernandez (War Crime Prosecutor)
Anne Wittman's poster
Anne Wittman (CNN Newscaster)
Michael S. Ruscheinsky's poster
Michael S. Ruscheinsky (CNN Reporter)
Mo Asumang's poster
Mo Asumang (US Secretary of State)
Sylke Ferber's poster
Sylke Ferber (Island Ferry Attendant)
Desirée Erasmus's poster
Desirée Erasmus (Nancy Emmett)
Errol Shaker's poster
Errol Shaker (Mainland Ferry Attendant)
Errol Trotman-Harewood's poster
Errol Trotman-Harewood (C.I.A Agent on the Ferry)
Talin Lopez's poster
Talin Lopez (C.I.A Agent on the Ferry)
Joel Kirby's poster
Joel Kirby (Motel Receptionist)
Regine Hentschel's poster
Regine Hentschel (Diner Waitress)
Jeff Burrell's poster
Jeff Burrell (Frank)
Daniel Sutton's poster
Daniel Sutton (Hatherton Stewart)
Eben Young's poster
Eben Young (FBI Agent)
Jaymes Butler's poster
Jaymes Butler (FBI Agent)