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Jack Nicholson's poster
Jack Nicholson (J.J. "Jake" Gittes)
Harvey Keitel's poster
Harvey Keitel (Julius "Jake" Berman)
Meg Tilly's poster
Meg Tilly (Kitty Berman)
Madeleine Stowe's poster
Madeleine Stowe (Lillian Bodine)
Eli Wallach's poster
Eli Wallach (Cotton Weinberger)
Rubén Blades's poster
Rubén Blades (Mickey Nice)
Frederic Forrest's poster
Frederic Forrest (Chuck Newty)
David Keith's poster
David Keith (Det. Lt. Loach)
Richard Farnsworth's poster
Richard Farnsworth (Earl Rawley)
Tracey Walter's poster
Tracey Walter (Tyrone Otley)
Joe Mantell's poster
Joe Mantell (Lawrence Walsh)
James Hong's poster
James Hong (Kahn)
Perry Lopez's poster
Perry Lopez (Captain Lou Escobar)
Jeff Morris's poster
Jeff Morris (Tilton)
Rebecca Broussard's poster
Rebecca Broussard (Gladys)
Paul A. DiCocco Jr.'s poster
Paul A. DiCocco Jr. (Liberty Levine)
John Hackett's poster
John Hackett (Mark Bodine)
Rosie Vela's poster
Rosie Vela (Linda)
Allan Warnick's poster
Allan Warnick (Rippey)
Susan Forristal's poster
Susan Forristal (Delores)
Will Tynan's poster
Will Tynan (Judge Dettmer)
Van Dyke Parks's poster
Van Dyke Parks (Francis Hannah)
William Duffy's poster
William Duffy (Desk Sergeant)
Sue Carlton's poster
Sue Carlton (Mattie Rawley)
Don McGovern's poster
Don McGovern (Bartender)
Luana Anders's poster
Luana Anders (Florist)
Dean Hill's poster
Dean Hill (Cop with Parrot)
Pia Grønning's poster
Pia Grønning (Dr. Elsa Branchauer)
John Herman Shaner's poster
John Herman Shaner (Saul)
Michael Shaner's poster
Michael Shaner (Benny)
Lee Weaver's poster
Lee Weaver (Caddy #1)
Malek Abdul-Mansour's poster
Malek Abdul-Mansour (Caddy #2)
Kenneth Cervi's poster
Kenneth Cervi (Prowler)
Annie Marshall's poster
Annie Marshall (Client with Dog)
Ian Thorpe's poster
Ian Thorpe (Errol Flynn Look-alike)
Collette Northrop's poster
Collette Northrop (Cigarette / Hat Check Girl)
Patricia Durham's poster
Patricia Durham (Clarissa)
Randi Ingerman's poster
Randi Ingerman (Lana)
Joy Wayman's poster
Joy Wayman (Lady Asleep)
Bob George's poster
Bob George (Bar Maitre D')
Suzanne Mitchell's poster
Suzanne Mitchell (The Redhead)
Alan Chaffin's poster
Alan Chaffin (Bar Manager)
Wyn Costello's poster
Wyn Costello (Black Eye Woman)
Lisa Croisette's poster
Lisa Croisette (Actress at Max Factor)
Jessica Z. Diamond's poster
Jessica Z. Diamond (Receptionist)
Scott Flynn's poster
Scott Flynn (Golf Advisor)
Benard Ihgner's poster
Benard Ihgner (Singer at Green Parrot)
Earl Palmer's poster
Earl Palmer (Green Parrot Band)
Simeon Pillich's poster
Simeon Pillich (Green Parrot Band)
Herman Riley's poster
Herman Riley (Green Parrot Band)
Faye Dunaway's poster
Faye Dunaway (Evelyn Mulwray (voice))
Tom Waits's poster
Tom Waits (Plainclothes Policeman (uncredited))
Paulie DiCocco's poster
Paulie DiCocco (Liberty Levine (uncredited))
James Ent's poster
James Ent (Bailiff (uncredited))
Jeffery Thomas Johnson's poster
Jeffery Thomas Johnson (Golfer (uncredited))
Dwight F. Lay's poster
Dwight F. Lay (Man Getting Shoeshine (uncredited))
Moreen Littrell's poster
Moreen Littrell (Military Wife (uncredited))
Fred Moon's poster
Fred Moon (Office Worker (uncredited))
John Michael Quinn's poster
John Michael Quinn (Desk Sergeant (uncredited))
Tereza Rizzardi's poster
Tereza Rizzardi (Woman at Max Factor (uncredited))