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Ben Whishaw's poster
Ben Whishaw (Jean-Baptiste Grenouille)
Alan Rickman's poster
Alan Rickman (Richis)
Rachel Hurd-Wood's poster
Rachel Hurd-Wood (Laura)
Dustin Hoffman's poster
Dustin Hoffman (Giuseppe Baldini)
John Hurt's poster
John Hurt (Narrator (voice))
Karoline Herfurth's poster
Karoline Herfurth (The Plum Girl)
David Calder's poster
David Calder (Bishop of Grasse)
Simon Chandler's poster
Simon Chandler (Mayor of Grasse)
Sian Thomas's poster
Sian Thomas (Madame Gaillard)
Jessica Schwarz's poster
Jessica Schwarz (Natalie)
Corinna Harfouch's poster
Corinna Harfouch (Madame Arnulfi)
Paul Berrondo's poster
Paul Berrondo (Dominique Drouot)
Timothy Davies's poster
Timothy Davies (Chenier)
Sam Douglas's poster
Sam Douglas (Grimal)
Harris Gordon's poster
Harris Gordon (Marquis de Montesquieu)
Sara Forestier's poster
Sara Forestier (Jeanne)
Joanna Griffiths's poster
Joanna Griffiths (Marianne)
Birgit Minichmayr's poster
Birgit Minichmayr (Grenouille's Mother)
Alvaro Roque's poster
Alvaro Roque (Grenouille 5 Years)
Franck Lefeuvre's poster
Franck Lefeuvre (Grenouille 12 Years)
Michael Smiley's poster
Michael Smiley (Porter)
Richard Felix's poster
Richard Felix (Chief Magistrate)
Francesc Albiol's poster
Francesc Albiol (Court Official)
Gonzalo Cunill's poster
Gonzalo Cunill (Guard 1 Dungeon)
Roger Salvany's poster
Roger Salvany (Guard 2 Dungeon)
Reg Wilson's poster
Reg Wilson (Customer Fishmarket)
Catherine Boisgontier's poster
Catherine Boisgontier (Woman Fishmarket)
Núria Casas's poster
Núria Casas (Woman 2 Fishmarket)
Carlos Gramaje's poster
Carlos Gramaje (Police Lieutenant Fishmarket)
Walter Cots's poster
Walter Cots (Driver)
Perry Millward's poster
Perry Millward (Marcel)
Jan Cortes's poster
Jan Cortes (Boy Boarding House)
Berta Ros's poster
Berta Ros (Girl Boarding House)
Joan Serrats's poster
Joan Serrats (Upholsterer)
Jaume Montané's poster
Jaume Montané (Pelissier)
Bridget McConnell's poster
Bridget McConnell (Aunt)
Duna Jové's poster
Duna Jové (Young Woman)
Dora Romano's poster
Dora Romano (Baldini's Wife)
Carolina Vera's poster
Carolina Vera (Neapolitan Girl)
Ramón Pujol's poster
Ramón Pujol (Lucien)
Anna Gelman's poster
Anna Gelman (Albine)
Laura Gelman's poster
Laura Gelman (Françoise)
Guillermo Ayesa's poster
Guillermo Ayesa (Tallien)
Anna Diogene's poster
Anna Diogene (Tallien's Wife)
Montserrat Maso's poster
Montserrat Maso (Housekeeper)
Toby Harper's poster
Toby Harper (Police Lieutenant)
Jerome Willis's poster
Jerome Willis (Councillor 1)
Fermí Reixach's poster
Fermí Reixach (Councillor 2)
Derek Smee's poster
Derek Smee (Councillor 3)
Albert Pérez's poster
Albert Pérez (Councillor 4)
Artur Sala's poster
Artur Sala (Gatekeeper)
Thomas Lenox's poster
Thomas Lenox (Messenger)
Richard Collins-Moore's poster
Richard Collins-Moore (Innkeeper)
Francesca Piñón's poster
Francesca Piñón (Innkeeper's Wife)
Nico Baixas's poster
Nico Baixas (Guard Torture Chamber)
Enric Arquimbau's poster
Enric Arquimbau (Executioner)
Oriol Tramvia's poster
Oriol Tramvia (Land Priest)
Cristina Solà's poster
Cristina Solà (Woman with Bishop)
Laura Vidal Traver's poster
Laura Vidal Traver (Hangover Girl)
Ariadna Cabrol's poster
Ariadna Cabrol (Beggar Woman 1)
Maia Jenkinson's poster
Maia Jenkinson (Beggar Woman 2)
Andrés Herrera's poster
Andrés Herrera (Door Guard)