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Warren Beatty's poster
Warren Beatty (Dick Tracy)
Madonna's poster
Madonna (Breathless Mahoney)
Glenne Headly's poster
Glenne Headly (Tess Trueheart)
Al Pacino's poster
Al Pacino (Big Boy Caprice)
Mandy Patinkin's poster
Mandy Patinkin (88 Keys)
Dustin Hoffman's poster
Dustin Hoffman (Mumbles)
Kathy Bates's poster
Kathy Bates (Mrs. Green)
Dick Van Dyke's poster
Dick Van Dyke (D.A. Fletcher)
Catherine O'Hara's poster
Catherine O'Hara (Texie Garcia)
James Caan's poster
James Caan (Spaldoni)
Charlie Korsmo's poster
Charlie Korsmo (Kid)
Michael Donovan O'Donnell's poster
Michael Donovan O'Donnell (McGillicuddy)
Jim Wilkey's poster
Jim Wilkey (Stooge)
Stig Eldred's poster
Stig Eldred (Shoulders)
Neil Summers's poster
Neil Summers (The Rodent)
Chuck Hicks's poster
Chuck Hicks (The Brow)
Lawrence Steven Meyers's poster
Lawrence Steven Meyers (Little Face)
William Forsythe's poster
William Forsythe (Flattop)
Ed O'Ross's poster
Ed O'Ross (Itchy)
Marvellee Cariaga's poster
Marvellee Cariaga (Soprano (as Marvelee Cariaga))
Michael Gallup's poster
Michael Gallup (Baritone)
Seymour Cassel's poster
Seymour Cassel (Sam Catchem)
James Keane's poster
James Keane (Pat Patton)
Charles Durning's poster
Charles Durning (Chief Brandon)
Allen Garfield's poster
Allen Garfield (Reporter #1)
John Schuck's poster
John Schuck (Reporter #2)
Charles Fleischer's poster
Charles Fleischer (Reporter #3)
Paul Sorvino's poster
Paul Sorvino (Lips Manlis)
Robert Costanzo's poster
Robert Costanzo (Lips' Bodyguard)
Jack Kehoe's poster
Jack Kehoe (Customer at Raid)
Marshall Bell's poster
Marshall Bell (Lips' Cop)
Mike Hagerty's poster
Mike Hagerty (Doorman (as Michael G. Hagerty))
Lew Horn's poster
Lew Horn (Lefty Moriarty)
Arthur Malet's poster
Arthur Malet (Diner Patron)
Tom Signorelli's poster
Tom Signorelli (Mike)
Tony Epper's poster
Tony Epper (Steve the Tramp)
James Tolkan's poster
James Tolkan (Numbers)
R. G. Armstrong's poster
R. G. Armstrong (Pruneface)
Jack Goode Jr.'s poster
Jack Goode Jr. (Lab Technician)
Ray Stoddard's poster
Ray Stoddard (Lab Technician)
Hamilton Camp's poster
Hamilton Camp (Store Clerk)
Ed McCready's poster
Ed McCready (Cop at Tess')
Colm Meaney's poster
Colm Meaney (Cop at Tess')
Henry Silva's poster
Henry Silva (Influence)
Robert Beecher's poster
Robert Beecher (Ribs Mocca)
Bert Remsen's poster
Bert Remsen (Bartender)
Frank Campanella's poster
Frank Campanella (Judge Harper)
Sharmagne Leland-St. John's poster
Sharmagne Leland-St. John (Club Ritz Patron)
Bing Russell's poster
Bing Russell (Club Ritz Patron)
Michael J. Pollard's poster
Michael J. Pollard (Bug Bailey)
Tom Finnegan's poster
Tom Finnegan (Uniform Cop at Ritz)
Billy Clevenger's poster
Billy Clevenger (Newspaper Vendor)
Ned Claflin's poster
Ned Claflin (Radio Announcer)
John Moschitta Jr.'s poster
John Moschitta Jr. (Radio Announcer (voice))
Neil Ross's poster
Neil Ross (Radio Announcer (voice))
Walker Edmiston's poster
Walker Edmiston (Radio Announcer (voice))
Estelle Parsons's poster
Estelle Parsons (Mrs. Trueheart)
Ian Wolfe's poster
Ian Wolfe (Forger)
Mary Woronov's poster
Mary Woronov (Welfare Person)
Henry Jones's poster
Henry Jones (Night Clerk)
Mike Mazurki's poster
Mike Mazurki (Old Man at Hotel)
Rita Bland's poster
Rita Bland (Dancer)
Lada Boder's poster
Lada Boder (Dancer)
Dee Hengstler's poster
Dee Hengstler (Dancer)
Liz Imperio's poster
Liz Imperio (Dancer)
Karyne Ortega's poster
Karyne Ortega (Dancer)
Karen Russell's poster
Karen Russell (Dancer)
Tamara Carrera's poster
Tamara Carrera (Cigarette Girl (uncredited))
Bernie Jones's poster
Bernie Jones (Night Club Musician (uncredited))
Sheila Lussier's poster
Sheila Lussier (Gangster's Girlfriend (uncredited))
Bruce Mahler's poster
Bruce Mahler (Reporter (uncredited))
Jerry St. John's poster
Jerry St. John (Driver (uncredited))
Michelle Johnston's poster
Michelle Johnston (Dancer)