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Richard Gere's poster
Richard Gere (Clifford Irving)
Alfred Molina's poster
Alfred Molina (Dick Suskind)
Marcia Gay Harden's poster
Marcia Gay Harden (Edith Irving)
Hope Davis's poster
Hope Davis (Andrea Tate)
Julie Delpy's poster
Julie Delpy (Nina Van Pallandt)
Stanley Tucci's poster
Stanley Tucci (Shelton Fisher)
David Aaron Baker's poster
David Aaron Baker (Brad Silber)
Mamie Gummer's poster
Mamie Gummer (Dana)
Zeljko Ivanek's poster
Zeljko Ivanek (Ralph Graves)
Eli Wallach's poster
Eli Wallach (Noah Dietrich)
Myk Watford's poster
Myk Watford (Sergent Daniels)
John Bedford Lloyd's poster
John Bedford Lloyd (Frank Mccullough)
Peter McRobbie's poster
Peter McRobbie (George Gordon Holmes)
John Carter's poster
John Carter (Harold McGraw)
James Biberi's poster
James Biberi (McGraw-Hill Security)
Christopher Evan Welch's poster
Christopher Evan Welch (Albert Vanderkamp)
Raul Julia Jr.'s poster
Raul Julia Jr. (Bike Messenger)
Judi Barton's poster
Judi Barton (Marion)
Milton Buras's poster
Milton Buras (Howard Hughes)
Okwui Okpokwasili's poster
Okwui Okpokwasili (Malika)
Bob Wiltfong's poster
Bob Wiltfong (Sporting Goods Salesman)
William Fowle's poster
William Fowle (Car Salesman)
Carlton Wilborn's poster
Carlton Wilborn (Bahamas Desk Clerk)
Antonie Knoppers's poster
Antonie Knoppers (Fredrick Van Pallandt)
Steve Buck's poster
Steve Buck (Man with Red Tie)
Eric Yellin's poster
Eric Yellin (Man in Blue Jeans)
John Rothman's poster
John Rothman (Puffy Man)