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Alec Baldwin's poster
Alec Baldwin (Theodore Templeton (voice))
Steve Buscemi's poster
Steve Buscemi (Francis E. Francis (voice))
Miles Bakshi's poster
Miles Bakshi (Tim Templeton (voice))
Jimmy Kimmel's poster
Jimmy Kimmel (Ted Templeton (voice))
Lisa Kudrow's poster
Lisa Kudrow (Janice Templeton (voice))
Tobey Maguire's poster
Tobey Maguire (Narrator / Older Tim Templeton (voice))
Conrad Vernon's poster
Conrad Vernon (Eugene Francis (voice))
James McGrath's poster
James McGrath (Wizzie / Elvis Impersonator (voice))
David Soren's poster
David Soren (Jimbo (voice))
Nina Zoe Bakshi's poster
Nina Zoe Bakshi (Tim's Daughter / Girl / Little Girl (voice) (as Nina Bakshi))
Tom McGrath's poster
Tom McGrath (TV Chef (voice))
Walt Dohrn's poster
Walt Dohrn (Photographer (voice))
James Ryan's poster
James Ryan (Story Bear (voice))
Eric Bell Jr.'s poster
Eric Bell Jr. (Triplets (voice))
ViviAnn Yee's poster
ViviAnn Yee (Staci (voice))
Edie Mirman's poster
Edie Mirman (Big Boss Baby (voice))
James Izzo's poster
James Izzo (Elvis impersonator (voice))
Chris Miller's poster
Chris Miller (Captain Ross (voice))
Chloe Albrecht's poster
Chloe Albrecht (Hazmat Baby (voice))
Andrea Montana Knoll's poster
Andrea Montana Knoll (Flight Attendant (voice) (as Andrea Knoll))
Joseph Izzo's poster
Joseph Izzo (Elvis Impersonators (voice))
Glenn Harmon's poster
Glenn Harmon (Airport Announcer (voice))
Brian Hopkins's poster
Brian Hopkins (Airport Security Guard (voice))
Jules Winter's poster
Jules Winter (Crying Boy / Little Boy / Boy (voice))
Mario Arvizu's poster
Mario Arvizu (Theodore Lindsey "Bebé Templeton")