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Robert Shaw's poster
Robert Shaw (Romer Treece)
Nick Nolte's poster
Nick Nolte (David Sanders)
Jacqueline Bisset's poster
Jacqueline Bisset (Gail Berke)
Louis Gossett, Jr.'s poster
Louis Gossett, Jr. (Henri Cloche)
Eli Wallach's poster
Eli Wallach (Adam Coffin)
Robert Tessier's poster
Robert Tessier (Kevin, Treece's mainman)
Dick Anthony Williams's poster
Dick Anthony Williams (Slake, chief henchman)
Bob Minor's poster
Bob Minor (Wiley)
Earl Maynard's poster
Earl Maynard (Ronald)
Lee McClain's poster
Lee McClain (Johnson)
Teddy Tucker's poster
Teddy Tucker ((scenes deleted))