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Tom McGrath's poster
Tom McGrath (Skipper (voice))
Chris Miller's poster
Chris Miller (Kowalski (voice))
Christopher Knights's poster
Christopher Knights (Private (voice))
Conrad Vernon's poster
Conrad Vernon (Rico (voice))
John Malkovich's poster
John Malkovich (Dave (voice))
Benedict Cumberbatch's poster
Benedict Cumberbatch (Classified (voice))
Ken Jeong's poster
Ken Jeong (Short Fuse (voice))
Annet Mahendru's poster
Annet Mahendru (Eva (voice))
Peter Stormare's poster
Peter Stormare (Corporal (voice))
Andy Richter's poster
Andy Richter (Mort (voice))
Danny Jacobs's poster
Danny Jacobs (King Julien)
Werner Herzog's poster
Werner Herzog (Documentary Filmmaker (voice))
Sean Charmatz's poster
Sean Charmatz (Cricket (voice))
Billy Eichner's poster
Billy Eichner (New York Reporter (voice))
Stephen Kearin's poster
Stephen Kearin (Pilot / Aquarium Employee (voice))
Ava Acres's poster
Ava Acres (Girl at Zoo (voice))
Kelly Cooney's poster
Kelly Cooney (Mermaid Penguin (voice))
Susan Fitzer's poster
Susan Fitzer (Antarctic Penguin (voice))
Chris Sanders's poster
Chris Sanders (Antarctic Penguin (voice))
Emily Nordwind's poster
Emily Nordwind (Antarctic Penguin (voice))
Mike Mitchell's poster
Mike Mitchell (Antarctic Penguin (voice))
Hope Levy's poster
Hope Levy (Antarctic Penguin / Woman at Aquarium (voice))
Walt Dohrn's poster
Walt Dohrn (Antarctic Penguin (voice))
Jim Pirri's poster
Jim Pirri (Gondolier (voice))
Elizabeth Pan's poster
Elizabeth Pan (Shanghai TV Reporter (voice))
Jeff Fischer's poster
Jeff Fischer (Security System Voice (voice))
Stephen Apostolina's poster
Stephen Apostolina (Penguin Prisoner (voice))
Al Rodrigo's poster
Al Rodrigo (Penguin Fan (voice))
Steve Alterman's poster
Steve Alterman (Aquarium Announcer (voice))
Carter Hastings's poster
Carter Hastings (Boy at Aquarium (voice))
Cullen McCarthy's poster
Cullen McCarthy (Boy at Zoo (voice))
Nicholas Guest's poster
Nicholas Guest (Flight Attendant (voice))
Adriano Aragon's poster
Adriano Aragon (Angry Man (voice))
Lynnanne Zager's poster
Lynnanne Zager (Computer Voice (voice))
Angie Wu's poster
Angie Wu (Girl with Snow Globe (voice))