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Donnie Yen's poster
Donnie Yen (Det. Sgt. Ma Jun)
Louis Koo's poster
Louis Koo (Wilson)
Collin Chou's poster
Collin Chou (Tony)
Ray Lui's poster
Ray Lui (Archer Sin)
Xing Yu's poster
Xing Yu (Tiger)
Fan Bingbing's poster
Fan Bingbing (Julie)
Kent Cheng's poster
Kent Cheng (Inspector Wong)
Xu Qing's poster
Xu Qing (Madam Lau)
Teresa Ha Ping's poster
Teresa Ha Ping (Tony's mother)
Helena Law Lan's poster
Helena Law Lan (Jun Ma's mother)
???'s poster
??? (Cannon / Da Pao)
Irene Wong's poster
Irene Wong (Cindy / Xiao Ying)
Timmy Hung's poster
Timmy Hung (Yang Zai)
Aaron Leung's poster
Aaron Leung (Deco)
Ben Lam's poster
Ben Lam (Sam)
Austin Wai's poster
Austin Wai (Four Eyes)
Ai Wai's poster
Ai Wai (Hero)
Wong Chi-Wai's poster
Wong Chi-Wai (Baldy)
Kenji Tanigaki's poster
Kenji Tanigaki (Kenji)