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Robert Pattinson's poster
Robert Pattinson (Eric Packer)
Juliette Binoche's poster
Juliette Binoche (Didi Fancher)
Paul Giamatti's poster
Paul Giamatti (Benno Levin)
Sarah Gadon's poster
Sarah Gadon (Elise Shifrin)
Samantha Morton's poster
Samantha Morton (Vija Kinsky)
Jay Baruchel's poster
Jay Baruchel (Shiner)
Kevin Durand's poster
Kevin Durand (Torval)
Mathieu Amalric's poster
Mathieu Amalric (André Petrescu)
Patricia McKenzie's poster
Patricia McKenzie (Kendra Hays)
Emily Hampshire's poster
Emily Hampshire (Jane Melman)
George Touliatos's poster
George Touliatos (Anthony Adubato)
Abdul Ayoola's poster
Abdul Ayoola (Ibrahim Hamadou)
Jadyn Wong's poster
Jadyn Wong (Cathy Lee)
David Schaap's poster
David Schaap (Arthur Rapp)
Philip Nozuka's poster
Philip Nozuka (Michael Chin)
Gouchy Boy's poster
Gouchy Boy (Kosmo Thomas)
Željko Kecojevic's poster
Željko Kecojevic (Danko)
Bob Bainborough's poster
Bob Bainborough (Dr. Ingram)
Warren Chow's poster
Warren Chow (Arthur's Attacker)
Ryan Kelly's poster
Ryan Kelly (Rat Man #1)
Nadeem Umar-Khitab's poster
Nadeem Umar-Khitab (Rat Man #2)
K'Naan's poster
K'Naan (Brutha Fez)
John Batkis's poster
John Batkis (Photographer #1)
Saad Siddiqui's poster
Saad Siddiqui (Photographer #2)
Anna Hardwick's poster
Anna Hardwick (Photographer #3 - Jenn)
Milton Barnes's poster
Milton Barnes (Videographer #1)
Albert Gomez's poster
Albert Gomez (Counterman)
Jonathan Seinen's poster
Jonathan Seinen (Man on Fire)
Inessa Frantowski's poster
Inessa Frantowski (Woman Holding Rat)