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Robert Redford's poster
Robert Redford (Dr. Stephen Malley)
Meryl Streep's poster
Meryl Streep (Janine Roth)
Tom Cruise's poster
Tom Cruise (Senator Jasper Irving)
Michael Peña's poster
Michael Peña (Ernest)
Andrew Garfield's poster
Andrew Garfield (Todd Hayes)
Peter Berg's poster
Peter Berg (Wirey Pink)
Kevin Dunn's poster
Kevin Dunn (ANX Editor)
Derek Luke's poster
Derek Luke (Arian)
Larry Bates's poster
Larry Bates (Soldier)
Christopher May's poster
Christopher May (Soldier)
David Pease's poster
David Pease (Soldier)
Heidi Janson's poster
Heidi Janson (Soldier)
Christopher Carley's poster
Christopher Carley (Sniper)
George Back's poster
George Back (Student)
Kristy Wu's poster
Kristy Wu (Student)
Bo Brown's poster
Bo Brown (Student)
Josh Zuckerman's poster
Josh Zuckerman (Student)
Samantha Carro's poster
Samantha Carro (Student)
Christopher Jordan's poster
Christopher Jordan (Student)
Angela Stefanelli's poster
Angela Stefanelli (Student)
John Brently Reynolds's poster
John Brently Reynolds (Skinny)
Paula Rhodes's poster
Paula Rhodes (Summer - ANX News Reporter)
Muna Otaru's poster
Muna Otaru (Nervous Student)
Clay Wilcox's poster
Clay Wilcox (Crew Chief)
Sarayu Blue's poster
Sarayu Blue (Senator Irving's Receptionist)
Amanda Loncar's poster
Amanda Loncar (Young Assistant)
Richard Burns's poster
Richard Burns (Senate Employee)
Kevin Collins's poster
Kevin Collins (Ranger)
Candace Moon's poster
Candace Moon (Fate)
Chris Hoffman's poster
Chris Hoffman (Bully Dog)
Louise Linton's poster
Louise Linton (Skin Care Consultant)
Jennifer Sommerfeld's poster
Jennifer Sommerfeld (Today Show Host)
Wynonna Smith's poster
Wynonna Smith (Talk Show Host #2)
Babar Peerzada's poster
Babar Peerzada (Afghan Fighter)
Wade Harlan's poster
Wade Harlan (Helicopter Pilot)
Paul Adams's poster
Paul Adams (Helicopter Pilot)
Michael T. Peoples's poster
Michael T. Peoples (Veteran Soldier)
Mika Brzezinski's poster
Mika Brzezinski (Self / Radio Anchor (voice) (uncredited))
Michael Ahl's poster
Michael Ahl (Visitor at Vietnam Memorial (uncredited))
Hans Hernke's poster
Hans Hernke (Soldier (uncredited))
Elise Jackson's poster
Elise Jackson (Student (uncredited))
Richard Kreps's poster
Richard Kreps (Ranger Lt. (uncredited))
Ajani Perkins's poster
Ajani Perkins (Voice (uncredited))