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Tue 8:30 PM, 25 Jun 2024

Awaaz Adda

DescriptionProminent political, social, economic, bureaucratic and cultural personalities of the nation debate the key national and regional issues.

Tue 8:30 PM, 25 Jun 2024

Maanyata - Akash Thi Uncha Sapna

A young ambitious girl who desires to start her cake business with Indianised flavours catches the attention of an esteemed magnate.

Tue 9:00 PM, 25 Jun 2024

Moti Baa Ni Nani Vahu

When a woman marries into a conservative family, she uses her will and determination to forge her own path while honouring the family's traditions.

Tue 9:00 PM, 25 Jun 2024

Tue 9:30 PM, 25 Jun 2024

Aavti Kale

This program features all the latest news stories and updates from all around the world.

Tue 9:30 PM, 25 Jun 2024

Tue 10:00 PM, 25 Jun 2024

Tue 10:30 PM, 25 Jun 2024


The host presents the latest news stories, major updates and top developments about automobiles and bikes, including their price range and performance reviews

Tue 11:00 PM, 25 Jun 2024

Wed 12:00 AM, 26 Jun 2024

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