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Mon 6:30 PM, 13 May 2024 / Colors Gujarati

Gatha Shiv Ane Shakti Ni

Lord Shiva and his wife, Goddess Parvati, navigate their relationship and duties and offer sacrifices and brave separation to selflessly care for humanity.

Thu 10:00 AM, 9 May 2024 / Colors Gujarati

Sat 11:30 AM, 4 May 2024 / CNBC Bajar

Sat 11:00 AM, 4 May 2024 / CNBC Bajar

Sat 8:00 AM, 4 May 2024 / CNBC Bajar

Fri 1:00 AM, 3 May 2024 / CNBC Bajar

Sun 12:00 PM, 28 Apr 2024 / Colors Gujarati

Sona Ni Jaal

Shiv Prasad, an honest police officer, ends up in the bad books of a criminal. But when he retires, the criminal returns to seek revenge on him.

Fri 1:00 AM, 19 Apr 2024 / CNBC Bajar

Wed 10:00 AM, 17 Apr 2024 / Colors Gujarati


A man's life is turned upside down after an accident. Despite the support of family and friends, he faces a rough road to recovery as a police officer relentlessly pursues him.

Sun 12:00 PM, 14 Apr 2024 / Colors Gujarati

Sat 1:30 AM, 13 Apr 2024 / CNBC Bajar