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12:30 AM


No Direction Home: As Luke refuses to live with his dad, Paul is staying at Leah's house. Single parent Ally feels the strain. (S3, ep 1)

1:00 AM


No Worries: Ally fears for her job and her mind as the company collapses and her HRT meds become unavailable. (S3, ep 2)

1:30 AM

The Brink (2017)

Sticky Wicket: Zeke is challenged to a fight. While en route to Washington, Walter fakes a medical emergency to force an unscheduled landing. (S1, ep 7)

2:00 AM

The Brink (2017)

Who's Grover Cleveland?: Alex makes amends while Zeke deals with the women in his life. (S1, ep 8)

2:30 AM

Will & Grace (2017)

Election: Grace realises the benefits that Will has achieved through being president of the board of tenants - so she decides to run against him. (S2, ep 2)

3:00 AM

House of Lies

Til Death Do Us Part: Season two concludes and Marty learns that there is no such thing as friends in business when he severs his ties to Galweather Stearn. (S2, ep 12)

3:40 AM

Looking (2016)

Looking for the Promised Land: Season two begins with Patrick and the gang enjoying an eventful trip to Russian River. Contains strong language & sexual scenes. (S2, ep 1)

4:20 AM

Looking (2016)

Looking for Results: Patrick has a health scare, and a familiar face helps Agustin, who gets sidetracked while trying to find Eddie. Contains strong language. (S2, ep 2)

8:00 AM

Sort Of (2015)

Sort of Stable: Sabi and the family do their best to get used to the new rhythm, while Paul pretends to be Bessy in order to text with Penny. (S1, ep 4)

8:25 AM

Sort Of (2015)

Sort of a Party: Sabi encourages Violet to work through her complex emotions, as the family looks for the best way to celebrate her birthday. (S1, ep 5)

9:00 AM

Entourage (2015)

Buzzed: Drama turns to Eric for help, Ari chases a new venture and Turtle accuses ex-employee Alex of stealing money. Strong language/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S7, ep 2)

9:30 AM

Entourage (2015)

Dramedy: Ari has a bust-up with Lizzie Grant over a promotion, while Eric is annoyed when Vince befriends his colleague. Strong language/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S7, ep 3)

10:05 AM

The Conners (2018)

Parent Traps and Heart Attacks: After a relative passes away, the family are forced to debate who should gain custody of a jaded nephew who is just shy of his 18th birthday. (S5, ep 4)

10:30 AM

The Conners (2018)

A Little Weed and a Bad Seed: There are problems on Beverly Rose's first day of kindergarten. Becky and Darlene fall out, and Harris offers a solution for Dan's back pain. (S5, ep 5)

11:00 AM

Mr Mayor (1951)

Hearts before Parts: Neil tries to convince Orly that a casual fling is more serious than it really is, while a trivia competition threatens to tear the staff apart. (S1, ep 8)

11:30 AM

Looking (2016)

Looking Top to Bottom: Patrick looks forward to spending an 'official' night with Kevin, and bridges are built when Agustin visits Richie at his barber shop. (S2, ep 3)

12:10 PM

Looking (2016)

Looking Down the Road: Being the other man eats away at Patrick when he spots Kevin at a farmers' market. Agustin, meanwhile, is feeling inspired. (S2, ep 4)

12:50 PM

House of Lies

Wreckage: Season three begins and, post break-up, Marty and the gang are enjoying varying degrees of success. Contains very strong language & sexual references. (S3, ep 1)

1:30 PM

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (2020)

The Aunt Who Came to Dinner: Will and Carlton think they will have the house to themselves to spend time with two French girls - until Aunt Helen shows up. (S2, ep 22)

2:00 PM

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (2020)

Be My Baby Tonight: When Ashley feels a new attraction to the guy that she likes, she turns to Will for advice on the matter. (S2, ep 23)

2:25 PM

Entourage (2015)

Tequila Sunrise: Scott's friendship with Vince angers Eric, while Ari ponders forming an NFL team. Strong language/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S7, ep 4)

3:00 PM

Entourage (2015)

Bottoms Up: Ari's decision to let Lizzie leave backfires.

3:30 PM

The Conners (2018)

Book Bans and Guillotine Hands: Dan encourages the family to decorate the house for Halloween. Harris takes a stand on an issue that ruffles a few feathers. (S5, ep 6)

4:00 PM

The Conners (2018)

Take This Job and Shove it Twice: Darlene receives a promotion, but quickly learns that the fancy title is not all it's cracked up to be. Louise loses her job at Casita Bonita. (S5, ep 7)

4:30 PM

Sort Of (2015)

Sort of Ellen: When Sabi bails on a fun night to look after the kids, their relationship with Paul reaches a breaking point. (S1, ep 6)

5:00 PM

Sort Of (2015)

Sort of Miracle: Following a series of uncharacteristic messages, Sabi and Aqsa head home to check in on their mum, prompting Sabi to bare their truth. (S1, ep 7)

5:30 PM

Mr Mayor (1951)

#Palmtreereform: In the season finale, Neil's plan to save the city money on palm tree maintenance meets some unexpected resistance. (S1, ep 9)

6:00 PM

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (2020)

Striptease for Two: Desperate to raise money, Will and Carlton perform as strippers at a party - not knowing that Hilary and Vivian are in the audience. Season finale. (S2, ep 24)

6:30 PM

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (2020)

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Philip threatens to eject Will from the house after he refuses to cut his hair or dress more conservatively. (S3, ep 1)

6:55 PM

Will & Grace (2017)

FYI: I Hurt, Too: Picking up from the last season's finale, guest star Jennifer Lopez returns to New York to conclude her concert tour. Can Jack get a gig as backup dancer? (S7, ep 1)

7:30 PM

Will & Grace (2017)

Back Up, Dancer: Jack must compete in a dance-off to become a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson. Meanwhile, Will has to decide whether to go out with his boyfriend or help Grace. (S7, ep 2)

8:00 PM

The Office (1930)

Stress Relief - Part 2: After Stanley suffers a heart attack, Michael searches for a way to reduce the office's stress levels. (S5, ep 15)

8:30 PM

The Office (1930)

Lecture Circuit - Part 1: Michael and Pam discover more about their former colleagues as they travel to other Dunder Mifflin branches on a lecture tour. (S5, ep 16)

9:00 PM

Curb Your Enthusiasm (1999)

The Weatherman: Larry suspects the weatherman is deliberately delivering inaccurate forecasts. Plus, he manages to scare everyone with images of his tooth plaque. (S4, ep 4)

9:35 PM

Curb Your Enthusiasm (1999)

The 5 Wood: Larry faces being banned from his country club if he does not clean up his locker, while he is also forced to steal a golf club from a deceased person's casket. (S4, ep 5)

10:10 PM

Curb Your Enthusiasm (1999)

The Car Pool Lane: Running late for a Dodgers game, Larry finds an innovative way to use the carpool lane. Plus, he has to track down medicinal marijuana for his father. (S4, ep 6)

10:45 PM

Looking: The Movie (2016)

In a feature-length conclusion to the HBO comedy-drama, Patrick returns to San Francisco for a friend's wedding, and attempts to find closure from his relationships with Richie and Kevin.

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