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Nicolas Cage's poster
Nicolas Cage (Behman)
Ron Perlman's poster
Ron Perlman (Felson)
Ulrich Thomsen's poster
Ulrich Thomsen (Eckhardt)
Christopher Lee's poster
Christopher Lee (Cardinal D'Ambroise)
Fernanda Dorogi's poster
Fernanda Dorogi (Givaudon)
Stephen Graham's poster
Stephen Graham (Hagamar)
Rebekah Kennedy's poster
Rebekah Kennedy (Peasant Trurk Girl)
Matt Devere's poster
Matt Devere (Sergeant in Arms)
Robert Sheehan's poster
Robert Sheehan (Kay)
Claire Foy's poster
Claire Foy (The Girl)
Stephen Campbell Moore's poster
Stephen Campbell Moore (Debelzaq)
Rory McCann's poster
Rory McCann (Soldier Commander)
Kevin Rees's poster
Kevin Rees (Dying Monk)
Andrew Hefler's poster
Andrew Hefler (Jail Bailiff)
Róbert Bánlaki's poster
Róbert Bánlaki (Livery Boy)
Barna Illyés's poster
Barna Illyés (Cardinal's Priest)
Simone Kirby's poster
Simone Kirby (Midwife)
Elen Rhys's poster
Elen Rhys (Peasant Girl)
Nicholas Sidi's poster
Nicholas Sidi (Priest)
Nicola Sloane's poster
Nicola Sloane (Spinster)
Ada Michelle Loridans's poster
Ada Michelle Loridans (Mila)
Lisa Marie Dupree's poster
Lisa Marie Dupree (Tavern Girl)