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Kevin Durant's poster
Kevin Durant (Kevin Durant)
Taylor Gray's poster
Taylor Gray (Brian)
Jim Belushi's poster
Jim Belushi (Coach Amross)
Brandon T. Jackson's poster
Brandon T. Jackson (Alan)
Doc Shaw's poster
Doc Shaw (Mitch)
Tristin Mays's poster
Tristin Mays (Isabel)
Robert Belushi's poster
Robert Belushi (Assistant Coach Dan)
William Ragsdale's poster
William Ragsdale (Joe Newall)
Hana Hayes's poster
Hana Hayes (Ashley Newell)
Andrea Frankle's poster
Andrea Frankle (Math Teacher)
Steve Kerr's poster
Steve Kerr (Steve Kerr)
Reggie Miller's poster
Reggie Miller (Reggie Miller)
Shaquille O'Neal's poster
Shaquille O'Neal (Shaquille O'Neal)
Kenny Smith's poster
Kenny Smith (Kenny Smith)
Charles Barkley's poster
Charles Barkley (Charles Barkley)
Candace Parker's poster
Candace Parker (Candace Parker)
Wanda Durant's poster
Wanda Durant (KD's Mom)
Linda Cavanaugh's poster
Linda Cavanaugh (Linda Cavanaugh)
Marv Albert's poster
Marv Albert (Marv Albert)
Conan O'Brien's poster
Conan O'Brien (Conan O'Brien (uncredited))
Drew Battles's poster
Drew Battles (Science Teacher)