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Theo James's poster
Theo James (Michael)
Jacqueline Bisset's poster
Jacqueline Bisset (Christina Dupre)
Ben Kingsley's poster
Ben Kingsley (Pasha)
Rossif Sutherland's poster
Rossif Sutherland (Trevor)
Brian Markinson's poster
Brian Markinson (Rasnetsov)
Rachel Wilson's poster
Rachel Wilson (Lily)
Belçim Bilgin's poster
Belçim Bilgin (Nashim)
Shauna MacDonald's poster
Shauna MacDonald (Reporter)
Daniela Lavender's poster
Daniela Lavender (Ruth)
Aidan Devine's poster
Aidan Devine (Justin Cutter)
Peshang Rad's poster
Peshang Rad (Hassan)
Mishu Vellani's poster
Mishu Vellani (Award Presenter)
Dwight Ireland's poster
Dwight Ireland (U.S. Customs Agent)
Elena Khan's poster
Elena Khan (Prisoner)
Hattie Kragten's poster
Hattie Kragten (Kate)
Alex Hatz's poster
Alex Hatz (WSJ Editor)
Carlos Pinder's poster
Carlos Pinder (Cabbie)
Zahir Gilani's poster
Zahir Gilani (Bearded Man)
Abbas Abdulghani's poster
Abbas Abdulghani (Kurdish Imam)
Fabio Lusvarghi's poster
Fabio Lusvarghi (United Nations Staff)