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Robert Pattinson's poster
Robert Pattinson (Bruce Wayne / The Batman)
Zoë Kravitz's poster
Zoë Kravitz (Selina Kyle / Catwoman)
Paul Dano's poster
Paul Dano (Edward Nashton / The Riddler)
Jeffrey Wright's poster
Jeffrey Wright (Lt. James Gordon)
John Turturro's poster
John Turturro (Carmine Falcone)
Peter Sarsgaard's poster
Peter Sarsgaard (District Attorney Gil Colson)
Andy Serkis's poster
Andy Serkis (Alfred Pennyworth)
Colin Farrell's poster
Colin Farrell (Oswald 'Oz' Cobblepot / The Penguin)
Jayme Lawson's poster
Jayme Lawson (Bella Reál)
Gil Perez-Abraham's poster
Gil Perez-Abraham (Officer Martinez)
Peter McDonald's poster
Peter McDonald (Kenzie)
Con O'Neill's poster
Con O'Neill (Chief Mackenzie Bock)
Alex Ferns's poster
Alex Ferns (Commissioner Pete Savage)
Rupert Penry-Jones's poster
Rupert Penry-Jones (Mayor Don Mitchell, Jr.)
Charlie Carver's poster
Charlie Carver (The Twins)
Max Carver's poster
Max Carver (The Twins)
Barry Keoghan's poster
Barry Keoghan (Unseen Arkham Prisoner)
Kosha Engler's poster
Kosha Engler (Mrs. Mitchell)
Archie Barnes's poster
Archie Barnes (Mitchell's Son)
Janine Harouni's poster
Janine Harouni (Carla)
Hana Hrzic's poster
Hana Hrzic (Annika)
Joseph Walker's poster
Joseph Walker (Young Riddler)
Luke Roberts's poster
Luke Roberts (Thomas Wayne)
Oscar Novak's poster
Oscar Novak (Young Bruce Wayne)
Stella Stocker's poster
Stella Stocker (Martha Wayne)
Sandra Dickinson's poster
Sandra Dickinson (Dory)
Jack Bennett's poster
Jack Bennett (Travis)
Andre Nightingale's poster
Andre Nightingale (Ritchie)
Richard James-Neale's poster
Richard James-Neale (Glen)
Lorraine Tai's poster
Lorraine Tai (Cheri)
Joseph Balderrama's poster
Joseph Balderrama (Lead Detective)
James Eeles's poster
James Eeles (Another Officer)
Dave Simon's poster
Dave Simon (Police Chief Hanrahan)
Angela Yeoh's poster
Angela Yeoh (Forensic Photographer)
Leemore Marrett Jr.'s poster
Leemore Marrett Jr. (Muscle Cop)
Ezra Elliott's poster
Ezra Elliott (Tactical Medic)
Itoya Osagiede's poster
Itoya Osagiede (Hushed G.C.P.D. Detective)
Stewart Alexander's poster
Stewart Alexander (FBI Leader)
Adam Rojko Vega's poster
Adam Rojko Vega (SWAT (City Hall))
Heider Ali's poster
Heider Ali (Officer (City Hall))
Marcus Onilude's poster
Marcus Onilude (Traffic Cop (City Hall))
Elena Saurel's poster
Elena Saurel (Detective on Phone)
Ed Kear's poster
Ed Kear (Surly Cop)
Sid Sagar's poster
Sid Sagar (Digital Forensics Cop)
Amanda Blake's poster
Amanda Blake (Command Crisis Tech)
Todd Boyce's poster
Todd Boyce (Fire Marshall)
Brandon Bassir's poster
Brandon Bassir (Young Officer)
Will Austin's poster
Will Austin (Traffic Cop)
Chabris Napier-Lawrence's poster
Chabris Napier-Lawrence (Cop (Mayor's Memorial))
Douglas Russell's poster
Douglas Russell (Bitter Nobody)
Phil Aizlewood's poster
Phil Aizlewood (Falcone Bodyguard)
Mark Killeen's poster
Mark Killeen (Vinnie)
Philip Shaun McGuinness's poster
Philip Shaun McGuinness (Elevator Guard)
Lorna Brown's poster
Lorna Brown (Doctor)
Elliot Warren's poster
Elliot Warren (Train Gang Leader)
Jay Lycurgo's poster
Jay Lycurgo (Young Train Gang Member)
Stefan Race's poster
Stefan Race (Train Gang Member #1)
Elijah Baker's poster
Elijah Baker (Train Gang Member #2)
Craige Middleburg's poster
Craige Middleburg (Train Gang Member #3)
Akie Kotabe's poster
Akie Kotabe (Lone Train Passenger)
Spike Fearn's poster
Spike Fearn (Vandal)
Urielle Klein-Mekongo's poster
Urielle Klein-Mekongo (Cashier)
Bronson Webb's poster
Bronson Webb (Hooded Gunman)
Madeleine Gray's poster
Madeleine Gray (Injured Woman)
Ste Johnston's poster
Ste Johnston (Paparazzi)
Arthur Lee's poster
Arthur Lee (Paparazzo)
Parry Glasspool's poster
Parry Glasspool (Scared Drophead)
Jordan Coulson's poster
Jordan Coulson (Man in Suit)
Hadas Gold's poster
Hadas Gold (Newscaster)
Pat Battle's poster
Pat Battle (Newscaster)
Bobby Cuza's poster
Bobby Cuza (Newscaster)
Dean Meminger's poster
Dean Meminger (Newscaster)
Roma Torre's poster
Roma Torre (Newscaster)
Mike Cappozola's poster
Mike Cappozola (Mediator)
Amanda Hurwitz's poster
Amanda Hurwitz (Counterwoman)
Joshua Eldridge-Smith's poster
Joshua Eldridge-Smith (Patrol Cop)
Daniel Rainford's poster
Daniel Rainford (Suspicious Man)
Nathalie Armin's poster
Nathalie Armin (ATF Leader)
Jose Palma's poster
Jose Palma (Command Post #1)
Kazeem Tosin Amore's poster
Kazeem Tosin Amore (Command Post #2)
Rodrig Andrisan's poster
Rodrig Andrisan (Funeral VIP (uncredited))