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Mackenzie Crook's poster
Mackenzie Crook (Joe)
Dustin Demri-Burns's poster
Dustin Demri-Burns (Paul)
Laura Fraser's poster
Laura Fraser (Martha)
Sophie Thompson's poster
Sophie Thompson (Emma)
Johnny Vegas's poster
Johnny Vegas (Russell)
Kelly Wenham's poster
Kelly Wenham (Miki)
Adam Straughan's poster
Adam Straughan (Jonesey)
Robert Portal's poster
Robert Portal (Doctor)
Nicola Stephenson's poster
Nicola Stephenson (Amanda)
Cavan Clerkin's poster
Cavan Clerkin (Dean)
Tom Stourton's poster
Tom Stourton (Zeke Holloway)
Jeff Rawle's poster
Jeff Rawle (Driver)
Sophie Wright's poster
Sophie Wright (Girl (Russell's Story))
Tracy Whitwell's poster
Tracy Whitwell (Female Office Worker)
Kyle Winfield's poster
Kyle Winfield (Male Office Worker)
Brenda Marsden's poster
Brenda Marsden (Beth)
Beth Macari's poster
Beth Macari (Barmaid)
Jana Carpenter's poster
Jana Carpenter (Till Girl)
Jacob Anderton's poster
Jacob Anderton (Ludo)
Clotilde Wenlock's poster
Clotilde Wenlock (Ghost Tour Assistant)