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Alice Lowe's poster
Alice Lowe (Tina)
Steve Oram's poster
Steve Oram (Chris)
Eileen Davies's poster
Eileen Davies (Carol)
Roger Michael's poster
Roger Michael (Tram Conductor)
Tony Way's poster
Tony Way (Crich Tourist)
Seamus O'Neill's poster
Seamus O'Neill (Mr. Grant)
Monica Dolan's poster
Monica Dolan (Janice)
Jonathan Aris's poster
Jonathan Aris (Ian)
Aymen Hamdouchi's poster
Aymen Hamdouchi (Chalid Sulinan)
Tom Meeten's poster
Tom Meeten (Head Shaman)
Kali Peacock's poster
Kali Peacock (Hiking Shop Assistant)
Kenneth Hadley's poster
Kenneth Hadley (Richard)
Stephanie Jacob's poster
Stephanie Jacob (Joan)
Christine Talbot's poster
Christine Talbot (Newsreader)
Richard Lumsden's poster
Richard Lumsden (Rambler)
Dominic Applewhite's poster
Dominic Applewhite (Blonde Teenager)
Sara Stewart's poster
Sara Stewart (Blond Boy's Mother)
Richard Glover's poster
Richard Glover (Martin)
Rachel Austin's poster
Rachel Austin (Bride-to-be)
Gemma Lise Thornton's poster
Gemma Lise Thornton (Head Hen)
Alana Burnett's poster
Alana Burnett (Hen)
Lisa-Marie Hoctor's poster
Lisa-Marie Hoctor (Hen)
Susan McCardle's poster
Susan McCardle (Hen)
Kelly Munro-Fawcett's poster
Kelly Munro-Fawcett (Hen)
Samantha Stone's poster
Samantha Stone (Hen)
Louisa Farrant's poster
Louisa Farrant (Waitress)
Gareth Jones's poster
Gareth Jones (Runner)
Sara Dee's poster
Sara Dee (Radio Voices (voice))
Smurf's poster
Smurf (Banjo)
Ged's poster
Ged (Poppy)
Lucy Russell's poster
Lucy Russell (Lynne Marshall)
Mark Kempner's poster
Mark Kempner (Stranger In Pencil Museum)
Gareth Tunley's poster
Gareth Tunley (Todd Marshall)
John Hurt's poster
John Hurt (Jerusalem Narrator (uncredited))