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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's poster
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jacob 'Money' Harlon)
Omari Hardwick's poster
Omari Hardwick (Kutcher)
Lake Bell's poster
Lake Bell (Kate Harlon)
Emory Cohen's poster
Emory Cohen (Howie)
Jeffrey Donovan's poster
Jeffrey Donovan (Bottles)
Jon Bernthal's poster
Jon Bernthal (Frank 'Shotgun')
Holt McCallany's poster
Holt McCallany (Jerry 'The Beast' Manning)
Evan Jones's poster
Evan Jones (Chopper)
Benjamin Bratt's poster
Benjamin Bratt (Sanchez)
Chris Browning's poster
Chris Browning (Toby 'Redwood' Simms)
Max Greenfield's poster
Max Greenfield (Tom)
Jessy Schram's poster
Jessy Schram (Jennifer)
Juan Pablo Raba's poster
Juan Pablo Raba (Herman Gomez)
Matt Gerald's poster
Matt Gerald (Phil Cole)
Michael Landes's poster
Michael Landes (Steve)
Keith Jardine's poster
Keith Jardine (Ripper)
Sarah Minnich's poster
Sarah Minnich (Janie)
Jonathon McClendon's poster
Jonathon McClendon (Joshua Harlon)
Derek Dinniene's poster
Derek Dinniene (Young Joshua Harlon)
Monique Candelaria's poster
Monique Candelaria (Lola Gomez)
Cru Ennis's poster
Cru Ennis (Jason Horvath)
Danny Winn's poster
Danny Winn (Doyle)
David House's poster
David House (Capt. Freeman)
Diego Joaquin Lopez's poster
Diego Joaquin Lopez (Cellmate Lopez)
Bobby Lee Osborn's poster
Bobby Lee Osborn (Lenny)
Brendan Kelly's poster
Brendan Kelly (Large Biker)
John Trejo's poster
John Trejo (SHU Guard)
Dylan Kenin's poster
Dylan Kenin (Trustee)
Matthew Page's poster
Matthew Page (SHU Guard)
Mark Sivertsen's poster
Mark Sivertsen (LT. Roberts)
Brandon K. Hampton's poster
Brandon K. Hampton (Young Black Inmate)
Chris Adams's poster
Chris Adams (Inmate)
Esodie Geiger's poster
Esodie Geiger (Judge)
Michael Sheets's poster
Michael Sheets (Lead Officer)
Mike Ostroski's poster
Mike Ostroski (Banker-Type)
Nathaniel Augustson's poster
Nathaniel Augustson (Chef)
J. Nathan Simmons's poster
J. Nathan Simmons (Prison Inmate)
Howard Ferguson Jr.'s poster
Howard Ferguson Jr. (Basketball Opponent)
Joshua R. Aragon's poster
Joshua R. Aragon (Inmate)
Jacob Browne's poster
Jacob Browne (AD Seg Guard)
Jetto Dorsainville's poster
Jetto Dorsainville (Bailiff)
Marika Day's poster
Marika Day (Punk-Rocker Girl)
David Miller's poster
David Miller (Prisoner)
Diana Gaitirira's poster
Diana Gaitirira (R&R Guard)
Joseph P. Santillanes's poster
Joseph P. Santillanes (Back-Up Police Officer)
Ivan Brutsche's poster
Ivan Brutsche (SHU Guard)
Cajardo Lindsey's poster
Cajardo Lindsey (Chino Guard)
Rodger Larance's poster
Rodger Larance (Pedestrian)
Jose B. Martinez's poster
Jose B. Martinez (Prisoner)
Alexander Daniel Pimentel's poster
Alexander Daniel Pimentel (Executive Basketball Player)
Michael Benjamin Kirby's poster
Michael Benjamin Kirby (Prison Inmate)
Euphrates 'Tee' Arthur's poster
Euphrates 'Tee' Arthur (Prison Inmate)
Dash Hamblin's poster
Dash Hamblin (Store Manager)
Fred Padilla's poster
Fred Padilla (Inmate)
Jonathan Lane's poster
Jonathan Lane (Basketball Opponent)
Johnathan Paul Pena's poster
Johnathan Paul Pena (Featured Prisoner)
J.D. Herrera's poster
J.D. Herrera (Prosecuting Attorney)