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Mark Wahlberg's poster
Mark Wahlberg (Elliot Moore)
Zooey Deschanel's poster
Zooey Deschanel (Alma Moore)
John Leguizamo's poster
John Leguizamo (Julian)
Ashlyn Sanchez's poster
Ashlyn Sanchez (Jess)
Betty Buckley's poster
Betty Buckley (Mrs. Jones)
Spencer Breslin's poster
Spencer Breslin (Josh)
Robert Bailey Jr.'s poster
Robert Bailey Jr. (Jared)
Frank Collison's poster
Frank Collison (Nursery Owner)
Jeremy Strong's poster
Jeremy Strong (Private Auster)
Alan Ruck's poster
Alan Ruck (Principal)
Victoria Clark's poster
Victoria Clark (Nursery Owner's Wife)
M. Night Shyamalan's poster
M. Night Shyamalan (Joey (voice))
Alison Folland's poster
Alison Folland (Woman Reading on Bench with Hair Pin)
Kristen Connolly's poster
Kristen Connolly (Woman Reading on Bench)
Cornell Womack's poster
Cornell Womack (Construction Foreman)
Roberto Lombardi's poster
Roberto Lombardi (Father in Elliot's Group)
Brian Anthony Wilson's poster
Brian Anthony Wilson (Arguing Man in Crowd)
Kerry O'Malley's poster
Kerry O'Malley (Woman on Cell Phone)
Mara Hobel's poster
Mara Hobel (Woman with Hands Over Ears)
Curtis McClarin's poster
Curtis McClarin (Construction Crew Member)
Robert Lenzi's poster
Robert Lenzi (Jake)
Derege Harding's poster
Derege Harding (Train Conductor)
Shayna Levine's poster
Shayna Levine (Teenage Girl in Jeep)
Stéphane Debac's poster
Stéphane Debac (French Bicyclist)
Cyrille Thouvenin's poster
Cyrille Thouvenin (French Bicyclist's Friend)
Edward James Hyland's poster
Edward James Hyland (Professor Kendall Wallace)
Armand Schultz's poster
Armand Schultz (Talk Show Host)
Stephen Singer's poster
Stephen Singer (Dr. Ross)
Charlie Saxton's poster
Charlie Saxton (Student Named Dylan)
Rick Foster's poster
Rick Foster (Railway Police Officer)
Don Castro's poster
Don Castro (Philadelphia Police Officer)
Bill Chemerka's poster
Bill Chemerka (Taxi Driver - Sal)
Jann Ellis's poster
Jann Ellis (Older Woman with Dog)
Greg Wood's poster
Greg Wood (Passenger at Counter)
Peter Appel's poster
Peter Appel (Diner Owner)
Brian O'Halloran's poster
Brian O'Halloran (Jeep Driver)
Megan Grace's poster
Megan Grace (Jeep Passenger #1)
Rich Chew's poster
Rich Chew (Jeep Passenger #2)
Joel de la Fuente's poster
Joel de la Fuente (Realtor)
Ukee Washington's poster
Ukee Washington (Local News Anchor)
John Ottavino's poster
John Ottavino (Network News Anchor)
Traci Law's poster
Traci Law (Train Passenger (uncredited))
William James Kelly's poster
William James Kelly (Train Passenger (uncredited))
Art Lyle's poster
Art Lyle (Businessman (uncredited))
Steven Quale's poster
Steven Quale (Pianist (uncredited))
Kathy Hart's poster
Kathy Hart (Vice Principal)
Lisa Furst's poster
Lisa Furst (Teacher in Auditorium)
Nick Ricciardi's poster
Nick Ricciardi (Schoolboy (uncredited))