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Sylvester Stallone's poster
Sylvester Stallone (Barney Ross)
Jason Statham's poster
Jason Statham (Lee Christmas)
Harrison Ford's poster
Harrison Ford (Max Drummer)
Arnold Schwarzenegger's poster
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Trench)
Mel Gibson's poster
Mel Gibson (Conrad Stonebanks)
Wesley Snipes's poster
Wesley Snipes (Doc)
Randy Couture's poster
Randy Couture (Toll Road)
Dolph Lundgren's poster
Dolph Lundgren (Gunnar Jensen)
Terry Crews's poster
Terry Crews (Hale Caesar)
Kelsey Grammer's poster
Kelsey Grammer (Bonaparte)
Glen Powell's poster
Glen Powell (Thorn)
Antonio Banderas's poster
Antonio Banderas (Galgo)
Victor Ortiz's poster
Victor Ortiz (Mars)
Ronda Jean Rousey's poster
Ronda Jean Rousey (Luna)
Kellan Lutz's poster
Kellan Lutz (John Smilee)
Jet Li's poster
Jet Li (Yin Yang)
Ivan Kostadinov's poster
Ivan Kostadinov (Krug)
Robert Davi's poster
Robert Davi (Vata)
Nikolay Stoyanov Ilchev's poster
Nikolay Stoyanov Ilchev (Local Cop #1)
Daniel Angelov's poster
Daniel Angelov (Local Cop #2)
Slavi Slavov's poster
Slavi Slavov (Warden)
Dimiter Doichinov's poster
Dimiter Doichinov (Head Bodyguard)
Nikolay Stanoev's poster
Nikolay Stanoev (Tech Guy)
Harry Anichkin's poster
Harry Anichkin (Colonel)
Boswell Maloka's poster
Boswell Maloka (Somali Drug Warlord)
Natalie Burn's poster
Natalie Burn (Conrad's Wife)
Velizar Binev's poster
Velizar Binev (Art Broker)
Sarai Givaty's poster
Sarai Givaty (Camilla)
Liubomir Simeonov's poster
Liubomir Simeonov (Cyclops)
Frank Pesce's poster
Frank Pesce (Fight Watcher)
Thomas Canestraro's poster
Thomas Canestraro (Conrad's Henchman)