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Michael Fassbender's poster
Michael Fassbender (David / Walter)
Katherine Waterston's poster
Katherine Waterston (Daniels)
Billy Crudup's poster
Billy Crudup (Christopher Oram)
Danny McBride's poster
Danny McBride (Tennessee Faris)
Demián Bichir's poster
Demián Bichir (Carl Lope)
Carmen Ejogo's poster
Carmen Ejogo (Karine Oram)
Jussie Smollett's poster
Jussie Smollett (Ricks)
Callie Hernandez's poster
Callie Hernandez (Upworth)
Amy Seimetz's poster
Amy Seimetz (Maggie Faris)
Nathaniel Dean's poster
Nathaniel Dean (Hallett)
Alexander England's poster
Alexander England (Ankor)
Benjamin Rigby's poster
Benjamin Rigby (Ledward)
Uli Latukefu's poster
Uli Latukefu (Cole)
Tess Haubrich's poster
Tess Haubrich (Sarah Rosenthal)
Lorelei King's poster
Lorelei King (Mother (voice))
Goran D. Kleut's poster
Goran D. Kleut (Xenomorph / Neomorph)
Andrew Crawford's poster
Andrew Crawford (Neomorph)
Guy Pearce's poster
Guy Pearce (Peter Weyland (uncredited))
James Franco's poster
James Franco (Jacob Branson (uncredited))
Noomi Rapace's poster
Noomi Rapace (Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (uncredited))
Javier Botet's poster
Javier Botet (Xenomorph)
Benjamin Taylor's poster
Benjamin Taylor (Engineer)
Steve Doyle's poster
Steve Doyle (Engineer)
Juke Hardy's poster
Juke Hardy (Engineer)
Billy Mansell's poster
Billy Mansell (Engineer)