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Ian Ziering's poster
Ian Ziering (Fin Shepard)
Tara Reid's poster
Tara Reid (April Shepard)
Cassandra Scerbo's poster
Cassandra Scerbo (Nova Clarke)
Vivica A. Fox's poster
Vivica A. Fox (Skye)
Judah Friedlander's poster
Judah Friedlander (Bryan)
Debra Wilson's poster
Debra Wilson (New Bryan)
Alaska Thunderfuck's poster
Alaska Thunderfuck (Morgana)
Neil deGrasse Tyson's poster
Neil deGrasse Tyson (Merlin)
Marina Sirtis's poster
Marina Sirtis (Winter)
Leslie Jordan's poster
Leslie Jordan (Benjamin Franklin)
Darrell Hammond's poster
Darrell Hammond (George Washington)
Ben Stein's poster
Ben Stein (Alexander Hamilton)
Roy Taylor's poster
Roy Taylor (Jebediah Clarke)
Dexter Holland's poster
Dexter Holland (British Captain)
Kevin ‘Noodles’ Wasserman's poster
Kevin ‘Noodles’ Wasserman (British First Mate)
Viscreanu Constantin's poster
Viscreanu Constantin (Paul Revere)
Dee Snider's poster
Dee Snider (Sheriff)
Jonathan Bennett's poster
Jonathan Bennett (Billy the Kid)
Chris Owen's poster
Chris Owen (Thirty-Year-Old Gil)
James Murray's poster
James Murray (Eastwood)
Gilbert Gottfried's poster
Gilbert Gottfried (Rand McDonald)
Tori Spelling's poster
Tori Spelling (Raye Martin)
Dean McDermott's poster
Dean McDermott (Gilly Shepard)
Benjy Bronk's poster
Benjy Bronk (Connor Beale)
Christopher Knight's poster
Christopher Knight (Grandpa Clarke)
Catarina Scerbo's poster
Catarina Scerbo (Young Nova)
Bernie Kopell's poster
Bernie Kopell (Charter Boat Captain)
Chuck Hittinger's poster
Chuck Hittinger (Matt Shepard)
Ryan Whitney Newman's poster
Ryan Whitney Newman (Claudia Shepard)
Israel Sáez de Miguel's poster
Israel Sáez de Miguel (Captain Santiago)
Marcus Choi's poster
Marcus Choi (Palmer)
Alexandre Ottoni's poster
Alexandre Ottoni (Azzinaro)
La Toya Jackson's poster
La Toya Jackson (Cleopatra)
James Hong's poster
James Hong (Confucius)
Eileen Davidson's poster
Eileen Davidson (Marie Antoinette)
Shad Gaspard's poster
Shad Gaspard (Muhammad Ali)
Jayson Paul's poster
Jayson Paul (Joe Lewis)
Kato Kaelin's poster
Kato Kaelin (Viking King)
Patrick Labyorteaux's poster
Patrick Labyorteaux (Caesar)
Sharon Desiree's poster
Sharon Desiree (Joan of Arc)
Bo Derek's poster
Bo Derek (May)
Gary Busey's poster
Gary Busey (Wilford Wexler)
Mark McGrath's poster
Mark McGrath (Martin)
Masiela Lusha's poster
Masiela Lusha (Gemini)
Al Roker's poster
Al Roker (Al Roker)
John Heard's poster
John Heard (George (archive footage))
Anthony C. Ferrante's poster
Anthony C. Ferrante (Quint Singer)
Robbie Rist's poster
Robbie Rist (Quint Guitarist)
Roxanna Bina's poster
Roxanna Bina (1950s Dancer)
Raine Michaels's poster
Raine Michaels (Girl in Bikini)
M. Steven Felty's poster
M. Steven Felty (Hologram Gil (voice) / D. Brown)
Andrei Olteanu's poster
Andrei Olteanu (Frodo)
Chris Ridenhour's poster
Chris Ridenhour (Townsperson)
Thunder Levin's poster
Thunder Levin (Bar Patron)
Tiberiu Harsan's poster
Tiberiu Harsan (Medieval Gil)
Brendan Petrizzo's poster
Brendan Petrizzo (Hologram Gil)