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Ian Hendry's poster
Ian Hendry (Don Mackenzie)
Janette Scott's poster
Janette Scott (Shirley Freeman)
Ronald Fraser's poster
Ronald Fraser (Walter Carey)
Edmund Purdom's poster
Edmund Purdom (Rex Carrick)
Jean Claudio's poster
Jean Claudio (Roger Armand)
Kay Walsh's poster
Kay Walsh (Mrs. Freeman)
Norman Bird's poster
Norman Bird (Mr. Edward Freeman)
Janina Faye's poster
Janina Faye (Elaine Freeman)
Tommy Trinder's poster
Tommy Trinder (Charlie Dorton)
David Weston's poster
David Weston (Harry)
Peter Ashmore's poster
Peter Ashmore (Lucius)
Jacqueline Jones's poster
Jacqueline Jones (Jean Watson)
Jerry Desmonde's poster
Jerry Desmonde (Swimming Pool MC)
Alan Taylor's poster
Alan Taylor (TV Commentator)
Eve Eden's poster
Eve Eden (Angela Boynton)
Lionel Blair's poster
Lionel Blair (Talk of the Town Producer)
Francis Matthews's poster
Francis Matthews (Taylor)
Nikki Peters's poster
Nikki Peters (Cora Baker)
Margaret Nolan's poster
Margaret Nolan (Caroline)
Angela Lovell's poster
Angela Lovell (Angela)
Sid James's poster
Sid James ('Butlins' Judge)
Leila Williams's poster
Leila Williams (Miss Globe Chaperone)
Raymond Young's poster
Raymond Young (Miss Globe MC)
Michael Peake's poster
Michael Peake (Cosmetics President)
Aliza Gur's poster
Aliza Gur (Miss Peru)
Jackie White's poster
Jackie White (Barbara Lawton)
Marianne Stone's poster
Marianne Stone (Rita)
Norman Chappell's poster
Norman Chappell (Talk of the Town Stage Manager)
Joe Brown's poster
Joe Brown (Himself - Rose of England Judge)
Stirling Moss's poster
Stirling Moss (Himself - Rose of England Judge)
Linda Christian's poster
Linda Christian (Herself - Rose of England Judge)
Norman Hartnell's poster
Norman Hartnell (Himself - Rose of England Judge)