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Chris Pratt's poster
Chris Pratt (Owen Grady)
Bryce Dallas Howard's poster
Bryce Dallas Howard (Claire Dearing)
Rafe Spall's poster
Rafe Spall (Eli Mills)
Justice Smith's poster
Justice Smith (Franklin Webb)
Daniella Pineda's poster
Daniella Pineda (Zia Rodriguez)
James Cromwell's poster
James Cromwell (Benjamin Lockwood)
Toby Jones's poster
Toby Jones (Mr. Eversoll)
Ted Levine's poster
Ted Levine (Ken Wheatley)
Jeff Goldblum's poster
Jeff Goldblum (Dr. Ian Malcolm)
BD Wong's poster
BD Wong (Dr. Henry Wu)
Geraldine Chaplin's poster
Geraldine Chaplin (Iris)
Isabella Sermon's poster
Isabella Sermon (Maisie Lockwood)
Robert Emms's poster
Robert Emms (Tech Merc)
Peter Jason's poster
Peter Jason (Senator Sherwood)
Kevin Layne's poster
Kevin Layne (Sub Pilot)
John Schwab's poster
John Schwab (Tech Operator)
Sam Redford's poster
Sam Redford (Helicopter Pilot)
Charlie Rawes's poster
Charlie Rawes (Lead Mercenary)
Patrick Crowley's poster
Patrick Crowley (Prop Plane Pilot)
Alex Dower's poster
Alex Dower (Russian Mob Guy)
Honey Holmes's poster
Honey Holmes (Russian Girlfriend)
Neil Bishop's poster
Neil Bishop (Russian Bidder)
Philippa Thomas's poster
Philippa Thomas (BBC News Anchor)
Ronan Summers's poster
Ronan Summers (Brutish Mercenary)
Cory Peterson's poster
Cory Peterson (Committee Chairman)
Jeremy Gilbert's poster
Jeremy Gilbert (Hero Tracker)
Victor Gardener's poster
Victor Gardener (Crewman)
Daryl Kwan's poster
Daryl Kwan (Another Bidder)
Eric Kofi Abrefa's poster
Eric Kofi Abrefa (Helicopter Merc)
Ben Peel's poster
Ben Peel (Helicopter Merc)
Mark Griffin's poster
Mark Griffin (Helicopter Merc)
Paul Sockett's poster
Paul Sockett (Bearded Merc)
Doug Robson's poster
Doug Robson (Mercenary in Tunnel)
Gil Kolirin's poster
Gil Kolirin (Mill's Man)
Nathan Florence's poster
Nathan Florence (Surfer)
Bryan Phillips's poster
Bryan Phillips (Surfer)
Mitchell L. Johnson's poster
Mitchell L. Johnson (Jungle Merc)
Ian Copley-Johnson's poster
Ian Copley-Johnson (Boat Crew)
Michael Papajohn's poster
Michael Papajohn (InGen Contractor)
Daniel Stisen's poster
Daniel Stisen (Russian Bodyguard)
Gary Weeks's poster
Gary Weeks ((archive footage))