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Edward Norton's poster
Edward Norton (Lionel Essrog)
Bruce Willis's poster
Bruce Willis (Frank Minna)
Gugu Mbatha-Raw's poster
Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Laura Rose)
Alec Baldwin's poster
Alec Baldwin (Moses Randolph)
Willem Dafoe's poster
Willem Dafoe (Paul Randolph)
Bobby Cannavale's poster
Bobby Cannavale (Tony Vermonte)
Cherry Jones's poster
Cherry Jones (Gabby Horowitz)
Michael Kenneth Williams's poster
Michael Kenneth Williams (Trumpet Man)
Leslie Mann's poster
Leslie Mann (Julia Minna)
Ethan Suplee's poster
Ethan Suplee (Gilbert Coney)
Dallas Roberts's poster
Dallas Roberts (Danny Fantl)
Josh Pais's poster
Josh Pais (William Lieberman)
Robert Wisdom's poster
Robert Wisdom (Billy Rose)
Fisher Stevens's poster
Fisher Stevens (Lou)
Radu Spinghel's poster
Radu Spinghel (Giant Man)
Peter Lewis's poster
Peter Lewis (Mayor)
Isaiah J. Thompson's poster
Isaiah J. Thompson (King Rooster Piano Player)
Russell Hall's poster
Russell Hall (King Rooster Bassist)
Joe Farnsworth's poster
Joe Farnsworth (King Rooster Drummer)
Jerry Weldon's poster
Jerry Weldon (King Rooster Saxophonist)
Eric Berryman's poster
Eric Berryman (King Rooster Bartender)
Nelson Avidon's poster
Nelson Avidon (Jacob Gleason)
Joseph Siravo's poster
Joseph Siravo (Union Boss Speaker)
DeShawn White's poster
DeShawn White (Betty)
Migs Govea's poster
Migs Govea (Formosa Bartender)
Erica Sweany's poster
Erica Sweany (Formosa Hostess)
Katy Davis's poster
Katy Davis (Inwood Residential Secretary)
Olli Haaskivi's poster
Olli Haaskivi (Hall of Records Clerk)
Yinka Adeboyeku's poster
Yinka Adeboyeku (Angry Young Man)
Joyce O'Connor's poster
Joyce O'Connor (Cindy Fleming)
Thomas Luiz Leninger's poster
Thomas Luiz Leninger (Paperboy)
Deborah Unger's poster
Deborah Unger (Brooklyn Bar Waitress)
Ezra Barnes's poster
Ezra Barnes (Doctor)
Julie Hays's poster
Julie Hays (Nurse)
Damien Brett's poster
Damien Brett (Orderly)
Russell G. Jones's poster
Russell G. Jones (Reformer #2)
Stephen Adly Guirgis's poster
Stephen Adly Guirgis (Detective)
Eli Bridges's poster
Eli Bridges (Beatnik)
Luis Castro de Leon's poster
Luis Castro de Leon (Young Cat #1)
Teren Carter's poster
Teren Carter (Young Cat #2)
Tom Waits's poster
Tom Waits (News Stand Owner (uncredited))