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Imelda Staunton's poster
Imelda Staunton (Vera Drake)
Phil Davis's poster
Phil Davis (Stan)
Sally Hawkins's poster
Sally Hawkins (Susan Wells)
Daniel Mays's poster
Daniel Mays (Sid)
Eddie Marsan's poster
Eddie Marsan (Reg)
Alex Kelly's poster
Alex Kelly (Ethel)
Ruth Sheen's poster
Ruth Sheen (Lily)
Adrian Scarborough's poster
Adrian Scarborough (Frank)
Heather Craney's poster
Heather Craney (Joyce)
Lesley Manville's poster
Lesley Manville (Mrs. Wells)
Simon Chandler's poster
Simon Chandler (Mr. Wells)
Wendy Nottingham's poster
Wendy Nottingham (Ivy)
Richard Graham's poster
Richard Graham (George)
Anna Keaveney's poster
Anna Keaveney (Nellie)
Peter Wight's poster
Peter Wight (Det. Inspector Webster)
Martin Savage's poster
Martin Savage (Det. Sergeant Vickers)
Helen Coker's poster
Helen Coker (WPC Best)
Jim Broadbent's poster
Jim Broadbent (Judge)
Gerard Monaco's poster
Gerard Monaco (Kenny)
Leo Bill's poster
Leo Bill (Ronny)
Lesley Sharp's poster
Lesley Sharp (Jessie Barnes)
Liz White's poster
Liz White (Pamela Barnes)
Sandra Voe's poster
Sandra Voe (Vera's Mother)
Chris O'Dowd's poster
Chris O'Dowd (Sid's Customer)
Anthony O'Donnell's poster
Anthony O'Donnell (Mr. Walsh)
Marion Bailey's poster
Marion Bailey (Mrs. Fowler)
Sam Troughton's poster
Sam Troughton (David)
Sinéad Matthews's poster
Sinéad Matthews (Very Young Woman)
Tilly Vosburgh's poster
Tilly Vosburgh (Mother of Seven)
Alan Williams's poster
Alan Williams (Sick Husband)
Allan Corduner's poster
Allan Corduner (Psychiatrist)
Fenella Woolgar's poster
Fenella Woolgar (Susan's Confidante)
Elizabeth Berrington's poster
Elizabeth Berrington (Cynical Lady)
Emma Amos's poster
Emma Amos (Cynical Lady)
Rosie Cavaliero's poster
Rosie Cavaliero (Married Woman)
Nicky Henson's poster
Nicky Henson (Private Doctor)
Eileen Davies's poster
Eileen Davies (Prison Officer)
Paul Jesson's poster
Paul Jesson (Magistrate)
Vincent Franklin's poster
Vincent Franklin (Mr. Lewis)
Tom Ellis's poster
Tom Ellis (Police Constable)
Jake Wood's poster
Jake Wood (Ruffian)
Sid Mitchell's poster
Sid Mitchell (Very Young Man)
Vinette Robinson's poster
Vinette Robinson (Jamaican Girl)
Heather Cameron-McLintock's poster
Heather Cameron-McLintock (Child)
Billie Cook's poster
Billie Cook (Child)
Billy Seymour's poster
Billy Seymour (Child)
Nina Fry's poster
Nina Fry (Dance Hall Girl)
Joanna Griffiths's poster
Joanna Griffiths (Peggy)
Angie Wallis's poster
Angie Wallis (Nurse Willoughby)
Judith Scott's poster
Judith Scott (Sister Beecher)
Robert Putt's poster
Robert Putt (Station Sergeant)
Craig Conway's poster
Craig Conway (Station Constable)
Paul Raffield's poster
Paul Raffield (Magistrate's Clerk)
Jeffry Wickham's poster
Jeffry Wickham (Prosecution Barrister)
Nicholas Jones's poster
Nicholas Jones (Defence Barrister)
Angela Curran's poster
Angela Curran (Prisoner)
Jane Wood's poster
Jane Wood (Prisoner)
Tracy O'Flaherty's poster
Tracy O'Flaherty (Nurse)
James Payton's poster
James Payton (Court Reporter (uncredited))
John Warman's poster
John Warman (Policeman in Court (uncredited))