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Roger Moore's poster
Roger Moore (James Bond)
Barbara Bach's poster
Barbara Bach (Major Anya Amasova)
Curd Jürgens's poster
Curd Jürgens (Karl Stromberg)
Richard Kiel's poster
Richard Kiel (Jaws)
Caroline Munro's poster
Caroline Munro (Naomi)
Walter Gotell's poster
Walter Gotell (General Anatol Gogol)
Geoffrey Keen's poster
Geoffrey Keen (Sir Frederick Gray)
Bernard Lee's poster
Bernard Lee (M)
George Baker's poster
George Baker (Captain Benson)
Michael Billington's poster
Michael Billington (Sergei Barsov)
Desmond Llewelyn's poster
Desmond Llewelyn (Q)
Vernon Dobtcheff's poster
Vernon Dobtcheff (Max Kalba)
Lois Maxwell's poster
Lois Maxwell (Miss Moneypenny)
Sydney Tafler's poster
Sydney Tafler (Liparus Captain)
Olga Bisera's poster
Olga Bisera (Felicca)
Edward de Souza's poster
Edward de Souza (Sheik Hosein)
Valerie Leon's poster
Valerie Leon (Hotel Recepcionist)
Nadim Sawalha's poster
Nadim Sawalha (Aziz Fekkesh)
Sue Vanner's poster
Sue Vanner (Log Cabin Girl)
Eva Rueber-Staier's poster
Eva Rueber-Staier (Rublevich)
Kevin McNally's poster
Kevin McNally (HMS Ranger Crewman)
Sean Bury's poster
Sean Bury (HMS Ranger Crewman)
Milton Reid's poster
Milton Reid (Sandor)
Cyril Shaps's poster
Cyril Shaps (Dr. Bechmann)
Milo Sperber's poster
Milo Sperber (Prof. Markovitz)
Albert Moses's poster
Albert Moses (Barman)
Shane Rimmer's poster
Shane Rimmer (Cmdr. Carter)
Bryan Marshall's poster
Bryan Marshall (Cmdr. Talbot)
George Roubicek's poster
George Roubicek (Stromberg One Captain)