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Matt Dillon's poster
Matt Dillon (Sam Lombardo)
Kevin Bacon's poster
Kevin Bacon (Sergeant Ray Duquette)
Neve Campbell's poster
Neve Campbell (Suzie Marie Toller)
Denise Richards's poster
Denise Richards (Kelly Lanier Van Ryan)
Bill Murray's poster
Bill Murray (Kenneth Bowden)
Theresa Russell's poster
Theresa Russell (Sandra Van Ryan)
Robert Wagner's poster
Robert Wagner (Tom Baxter)
Daphne Rubin-Vega's poster
Daphne Rubin-Vega (Detective Gloria Perez)
Jeff Perry's poster
Jeff Perry (District Attorney Bryce Hunter)
Eduardo Yáñez's poster
Eduardo Yáñez (Frankie Condo)
Jennifer Taylor's poster
Jennifer Taylor (Barbara Baxter)
Cory Pendergast's poster
Cory Pendergast (Jimmy Leach)
Marc Macaulay's poster
Marc Macaulay (Walter)
Toi Svane Stepp's poster
Toi Svane Stepp (Nicole)
Dennis Neal's poster
Dennis Neal (Art Maddox)
Diane Adams's poster
Diane Adams (School Secretary)
Paulo Benedeti's poster
Paulo Benedeti (Kirk)
Ted Bartsch's poster
Ted Bartsch (Bailiff)
Leonor Anthony's poster
Leonor Anthony (Ken's Secretary)
Antoni Corone's poster
Antoni Corone (Police Chief)
Robert Deacon's poster
Robert Deacon (Prisoner)
Anthony Giaimo's poster
Anthony Giaimo (Dave)
Manny Suarez's poster
Manny Suarez (Georgie)
Janet Bushor's poster
Janet Bushor (Barmaid)
Gina LaMarca's poster
Gina LaMarca (Hooker)
Nancy Duerr's poster
Nancy Duerr (Reporter #1)
Margo Peace's poster
Margo Peace (Reporter #2)
Keith Wilson's poster
Keith Wilson (Reporter #3)
Nelson Oramas's poster
Nelson Oramas (Policeman #1)
Michael Dean Walker's poster
Michael Dean Walker (Policeman #2)
Jesse Muson's poster
Jesse Muson (Policeman #3)
Kimberly Lamaze's poster
Kimberly Lamaze (Policewoman #1)
Rebecca White's poster
Rebecca White (Policewoman #2)
Victoria Bass's poster
Victoria Bass (Judge)