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Emily Blunt's poster
Emily Blunt (Mary Poppins)
Lin-Manuel Miranda's poster
Lin-Manuel Miranda (Jack)
Ben Whishaw's poster
Ben Whishaw (Michael Banks)
Emily Mortimer's poster
Emily Mortimer (Jane Banks)
Pixie Davies's poster
Pixie Davies (Annabel Banks)
Nathanael Saleh's poster
Nathanael Saleh (John Banks)
Joel Dawson's poster
Joel Dawson (Georgie Banks)
Julie Walters's poster
Julie Walters (Ellen)
Meryl Streep's poster
Meryl Streep (Tatiana "Topsy" Topotrepolovsky)
Colin Firth's poster
Colin Firth (William "Weatherall" Wilkins / Wolf (voice))
Jeremy Swift's poster
Jeremy Swift (Hamilton Gooding / Badger (voice))
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith's poster
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (Templeton Frye / Weasel (voice))
Dick Van Dyke's poster
Dick Van Dyke (Mr. Dawes Jr.)
Angela Lansbury's poster
Angela Lansbury (Balloon Lady)
David Warner's poster
David Warner (Admiral Boom)
Jim Norton's poster
Jim Norton (Mr. Binnacle)
Noma Dumezweni's poster
Noma Dumezweni (Miss Penny Farthing)
Tarik Frimpong's poster
Tarik Frimpong (Angus)
Sudha Bhuchar's poster
Sudha Bhuchar (Miss Lark)
Steve Nicolson's poster
Steve Nicolson (Park Keeper)
Christian Dixon's poster
Christian Dixon (The Milkman)
Christopher Godwin's poster
Christopher Godwin (Information Desk Clerk)
John Dagleish's poster
John Dagleish (Courier)
Karen Dotrice's poster
Karen Dotrice (Lady On Cherry Tree Lane)
Ian Conningham's poster
Ian Conningham (Pub Landlord)
Billy Barratt's poster
Billy Barratt (Street Urchin)
Felix Collar's poster
Felix Collar (Street Urchin)
Kate Attwell's poster
Kate Attwell (Street Urchin)
Chris O'Dowd's poster
Chris O'Dowd (Shamus the Coachman Dog (voice))
Mark Addy's poster
Mark Addy (Clyde the Horse (voice))
Edward Hibbert's poster
Edward Hibbert (Mary Poppins' Parrot Umbrella (voice))
Jon-Scott Clark's poster
Jon-Scott Clark (Leerie)
Calvin Chen's poster
Calvin Chen (Leerie)
Craig Stein's poster
Craig Stein (Leerie)
Leon Cooke's poster
Leon Cooke (Leerie)
Alex Sturman's poster
Alex Sturman (Leerie)
Tara Nicole Hughes's poster
Tara Nicole Hughes (Female Dancer)
Bernardo Santos's poster
Bernardo Santos (Fun Fair Couple (uncredited))
Johanna Thea's poster
Johanna Thea (Fairground Attendee (uncredited))
Jag Patel's poster
Jag Patel (Corporate Internal Bank Customer)
Nina Kumar's poster
Nina Kumar (Bank Customer (uncredited))
David Gambier's poster
David Gambier (Fair Ground Attendee (uncredited))
Jeremy Azis's poster
Jeremy Azis (Bank Customer 110 (uncredited))
Bern Collaço's poster
Bern Collaço (Bank Teller (uncredited))
Steve Carroll's poster
Steve Carroll (Tramp (uncredited))
Nick Owenford's poster
Nick Owenford (Cherry Tree Lane Resident (uncredited))
Martyn Mayger's poster
Martyn Mayger (Banker (uncredited))
Alex Jaep's poster
Alex Jaep (Bank Customer (uncredited))
Richard Price's poster
Richard Price (St Paul's Passerby (uncredited))
Fran Targ's poster
Fran Targ (Homeless Soup kitchen (uncredited))
Raj Awasti's poster
Raj Awasti (Bank Customer (uncredited))
Ash's poster
Ash (Willoughby)
Shay Barclay's poster
Shay Barclay (Leerie)
Ashley Birchall's poster
Ashley Birchall (Leerie)
Johnny Bishop's poster
Johnny Bishop (Leerie)
Michael Carroll's poster
Michael Carroll (Leerie)
Jack Harrison-Cooper's poster
Jack Harrison-Cooper (Leerie)
Sean Corrie's poster
Sean Corrie (Leerie)
Momar Diagne's poster
Momar Diagne (Leerie)
Antony Edwards's poster
Antony Edwards (Leerie)
Aston Newman Hannington's poster
Aston Newman Hannington (Leerie)
Jake Moyle's poster
Jake Moyle (Leerie)
Marlon Pelayo's poster
Marlon Pelayo (Leerie)
James Revell's poster
James Revell (Leerie)
Ted Rogers's poster
Ted Rogers (Leerie)
Charles Ruhrmund's poster
Charles Ruhrmund (Leerie)
Christopher Scott's poster
Christopher Scott (Leerie)
Zac Smith's poster
Zac Smith (Leerie)
Jahrel Thomas's poster
Jahrel Thomas (Leerie)
John White's poster
John White (Leerie)
Teneisha Bonner's poster
Teneisha Bonner (Female Dancer)
Lavinia Fitzpatrick's poster
Lavinia Fitzpatrick (Female Dancer)
Hannah Kenna-Thomas's poster
Hannah Kenna-Thomas (Female Dancer)
Jennifer Leung's poster
Jennifer Leung (Female Dancer)
Rachel Muldoon's poster
Rachel Muldoon (Female Dancer)
Cassie Rogers's poster
Cassie Rogers (Female Dancer)
Lorraine Stewart's poster
Lorraine Stewart (Female Dancer)
Antonio Raul Corbo's poster
Antonio Raul Corbo (Boy (uncredited))