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Diego Luna's poster
Diego Luna (Manolo (voice))
Channing Tatum's poster
Channing Tatum (Joaquin (voice))
Zoe Saldana's poster
Zoe Saldana (Maria (voice))
Christina Applegate's poster
Christina Applegate (Mary Beth (voice))
Eugenio Derbez's poster
Eugenio Derbez (Chato (voice))
Cheech Marin's poster
Cheech Marin (Pancho Rodriguez (voice))
Gabriel Iglesias's poster
Gabriel Iglesias (Pepe Rodriguez (voice))
Ron Perlman's poster
Ron Perlman (Xibalba (voice))
Kate del Castillo's poster
Kate del Castillo (La Muerte (voice))
Ana de la Reguera's poster
Ana de la Reguera (Carmen Sánchez (voice))
Dan Navarro's poster
Dan Navarro (Chakal (voice))
Ice Cube's poster
Ice Cube (Candle Maker (voice))
Héctor Elizondo's poster
Héctor Elizondo (Carlos Sanchez (voice))
Danny Trejo's poster
Danny Trejo (Skeleton Luis (voice))
Carlos Alazraqui's poster
Carlos Alazraqui (General Posada / Dali / Chuy (voice))
Emil-Bastien Bouffard's poster
Emil-Bastien Bouffard (Young Manolo (voice))
Elias Garza's poster
Elias Garza (Young Joaquin)
Genesis Ochoa's poster
Genesis Ochoa (Young Maria (voice))
Plácido Domingo's poster
Plácido Domingo (Skeleton Jorge (voice))
Grey DeLisle's poster
Grey DeLisle (Grandmother (voice) (as Grey Griffin))
Trey Bumpass's poster
Trey Bumpass (Goth Kid / Orphan)
Miguel Sandoval's poster
Miguel Sandoval (Land of the Remembered Captain (voice))
Ben Gleib's poster
Ben Gleib (Goya / Dali (voice))
Ricardo El Mandril Sanchez's poster
Ricardo El Mandril Sanchez (Pablo Rodriguez (voice))
Ishan Sharma's poster
Ishan Sharma (Sanjay)
Jorge R. Gutierrez's poster
Jorge R. Gutierrez (Skeleton Carmelo (voice))
Anjelah Johnson-Reyes's poster
Anjelah Johnson-Reyes (Adelita / Nina (voice))
Kennedy Peil's poster
Kennedy Peil (Sasha (voice))
Sandra Equihua's poster
Sandra Equihua (Scardelita (voice))
Callahan Clark's poster
Callahan Clark (Jane (voice))
Gunnar Sizemore's poster
Gunnar Sizemore (Ignacio (voice))
Angélica María's poster
Angélica María (Sister Ana (voice))
Eric Bauza's poster
Eric Bauza (Father Domingo / Cave Guardian (voice))
Aron Warner's poster
Aron Warner (Thomas (voice))
Sandra Echeverría's poster
Sandra Echeverría (Claudia (voice))
Tonita Castro's poster
Tonita Castro (La Muerte as Old Woman (voice))
Troy Evans's poster
Troy Evans (Old Man Hemingway (voice))
Guillermo del Toro's poster
Guillermo del Toro (Land of the Remembered Captain's Wife (voice))
Brad Booker's poster
Brad Booker (Conductor (voice))
Rosemary Alexander's poster
Rosemary Alexander (Additional Voices (voice))
Steve Alterman's poster
Steve Alterman (Additional Voices (voice))
Eva Bella's poster
Eva Bella (Additional Voices (voice))
Madison Carlon's poster
Madison Carlon (Additional Voices (voice))
Vicki Davis's poster
Vicki Davis (Additional Voices (voice))
Moosie Drier's poster
Moosie Drier (Additional Voices (voice))
Maximilian Ehrenreich's poster
Maximilian Ehrenreich (Manolo (voice))
Cullen McCarthy's poster
Cullen McCarthy (Additional Voices (voice))
David Michie's poster
David Michie (Additional Voices (voice))
Michelle Moores's poster
Michelle Moores (Additional Voices (voice))
Jonathan Nichols's poster
Jonathan Nichols (Additional Voices (voice))
Al Rodrigo's poster
Al Rodrigo (Additional Voices (voice))
Marcelo Tubert's poster
Marcelo Tubert (Additional Voices (voice))
Lynnanne Zager's poster
Lynnanne Zager (Additional Voices (voice))
Ruth Zalduondo's poster
Ruth Zalduondo (Additional Voices (voice))
Newell Alexander's poster
Newell Alexander (Additional Voices (voice))
Jose Alvarez's poster
Jose Alvarez (Additional Voices (voice))
David Cowgill's poster
David Cowgill (Additional Voices (voice))
Elisa Gabrielli's poster
Elisa Gabrielli (Additional Voices (voice))
Richard Miro's poster
Richard Miro (Additional Voices (voice))
Arthur Ortiz's poster
Arthur Ortiz (Additional Voices (voice))
Nathaniel Semsen's poster
Nathaniel Semsen (Additional Voices (voice))