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Jet Li's poster
Jet Li (Huo Yuanjia)
Sun Li's poster
Sun Li (Moon)
Tung Yung's poster
Tung Yung (Nong Jinsun)
Shidou Nakamura's poster
Shidou Nakamura (Anno Tanaka)
Pau Hei-Ching's poster
Pau Hei-Ching (Yuanjia's Mother)
Chen Zhi-Hui's poster
Chen Zhi-Hui (Chin)
Ting Leung's poster
Ting Leung (Lai)
Yun Qu's poster
Yun Qu (Grandma)
Scott Ma's poster
Scott Ma (Zhou)
Nathan Jones's poster
Nathan Jones (Hercules O'Brien)
Jacky Heung's poster
Jacky Heung (Chin's Godson)
Brandon Rhea's poster
Brandon Rhea (Belgian Fighter)
Philippe Millieret's poster
Philippe Millieret (French Businessman)
Anthony De Longis's poster
Anthony De Longis (Spanish Swordsman)
Jean Claude Leuyer's poster
Jean Claude Leuyer (English Boxer)
Mike Leeder's poster
Mike Leeder (Fight Referee)
Yi Shixiong's poster
Yi Shixiong (Liu Zhensheng)
Chen Fusheng's poster
Chen Fusheng (Xu Dashan)
Zheng Shiming's poster
Zheng Shiming (Xia Xiang)
Lu Yuhao's poster
Lu Yuhao (Child Huo Yuanjia)
Qilong Zhu's poster
Qilong Zhu (Child Nong Jinsun)
Shang Yapeng's poster
Shang Yapeng (Child Zhou)
Wang Qi's poster
Wang Qi (Gui)
He Ju's poster
He Ju (Town Idiot)
Xu Ailing's poster
Xu Ailing (Jade)
He Si-Rong's poster
He Si-Rong (Chin's wife)
Ma Yin's poster
Ma Yin (Chin's daughter)
Jon T. Benn's poster
Jon T. Benn (American Businessman)
John Paisley's poster
John Paisley (English Businessman)
Collin Chou's poster
Collin Chou (Yuanjia's Father)
Masato Harada's poster
Masato Harada (Mita)
Li Jun's poster
Li Jun (Judge)
Qian Yi's poster
Qian Yi (Phony Westerner)
Zhao Zhigang's poster
Zhao Zhigang (Zhou's father)
Ma Jingjing's poster
Ma Jingjing (Yuanjia's disciple)
Wei Binghua's poster
Wei Binghua (Yuanjia's disciple)
Zhao Tieying's poster
Zhao Tieying (Yuanjia's disciple)
Xu Yonghai's poster
Xu Yonghai (Yuanjia's disciple)
Song Shuo's poster
Song Shuo (Yuanjia's disciple)
Liu Licheng's poster
Liu Licheng (Ah-Qiang)
Sun Leqiu's poster
Sun Leqiu (Accountant)
Guo Shaoheng's poster
Guo Shaoheng (Master Braid)
Li Chao's poster
Li Chao (Swordman)
Cheng Yong's poster
Cheng Yong (Twin Brother (tall))
Shu Jian's poster
Shu Jian (Twin Brother (short))
Gao Yuntong's poster
Gao Yuntong (Huo's stunt double)