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Gary Oldman's poster
Gary Oldman (Winston Churchill)
Kristin Scott Thomas's poster
Kristin Scott Thomas (Clementine Churchill)
Lily James's poster
Lily James (Elizabeth Layton)
Stephen Dillane's poster
Stephen Dillane (Edward Wood, 3rd Viscount Halifax)
Ronald Pickup's poster
Ronald Pickup (Neville Chamberlain)
Ben Mendelsohn's poster
Ben Mendelsohn (George VI)
Nicholas Jones's poster
Nicholas Jones (John Simon, 1st Viscount Simon)
Samuel West's poster
Samuel West (Anthony Eden)
David Schofield's poster
David Schofield (Clement Atlee)
Richard Lumsden's poster
Richard Lumsden (Major-General Hastings Ismay)
Malcolm Storry's poster
Malcolm Storry (General Sir Edmund Ironside)
Hilton McRae's poster
Hilton McRae (Arthur Greenwood)
Benjamin Whitrow's poster
Benjamin Whitrow (Sir Samuel Hoare)
Joe Armstrong's poster
Joe Armstrong (John Evans)
Adrian Rawlins's poster
Adrian Rawlins (Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding)
David Bamber's poster
David Bamber (Vice-Admiral Bertram Ramsay)
David Strathairn's poster
David Strathairn (Franklin D. Roosevelt (voice))
Jeremy Child's poster
Jeremy Child (James Stanhope, 7th Earl Stanhope)
Brian Pettifer's poster
Brian Pettifer (Sir Kingsley Wood)
Michael Gould's poster
Michael Gould (Charles Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 7th Marquess of Londonderry)
John Atterbury's poster
John Atterbury (Sir Alexander Cadogan)
Charley Palmer Rothwell's poster
Charley Palmer Rothwell (Miles Aldridge)
Hannah Steele's poster
Hannah Steele (Abigail Walker)
Philip Martin Brown's poster
Philip Martin Brown (Sawyers)
Nia Gwynne's poster
Nia Gwynne (Alice Simpson)
Faye Marsay's poster
Faye Marsay (Sybil)
Jordan Waller's poster
Jordan Waller (Randolph Churchill)
Mary Antony's poster
Mary Antony (Mary Churchill)
Bethany Muir's poster
Bethany Muir (Sarah Churchill)
Anna Burnett's poster
Anna Burnett (Pamela Churchill)
James Eeles's poster
James Eeles (Maurice Baker)
Roisin O'Neill's poster
Roisin O'Neill (Agnes Dillon)
Joanna Neary's poster
Joanna Neary (Jerome Margaret)
Flora Nicholson's poster
Flora Nicholson (Jessie Sutton)
Richard Glover's poster
Richard Glover (Brigadier Nicholson)
Paul Leonard's poster
Paul Leonard (Admiral Dudley Pound)
Eric MacLennan's poster
Eric MacLennan (Tom Leonard)
Tom Ashley's poster
Tom Ashley (Ramsay Staffer)
Pip Torrens's poster
Pip Torrens (BBC Producer)
Bronte Carmichael's poster
Bronte Carmichael (Young Girl on Train)
Patsy Ferran's poster
Patsy Ferran (Maid)
John Locke's poster
John Locke (Oliver Wilson)