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James Purefoy's poster
James Purefoy (Thomas Marshall)
Kate Mara's poster
Kate Mara (Lady Isabel)
Jason Flemyng's poster
Jason Flemyng (Becket)
Paul Giamatti's poster
Paul Giamatti (King John)
Brian Cox's poster
Brian Cox (Albany)
Derek Jacobi's poster
Derek Jacobi (Cornhill)
Charles Dance's poster
Charles Dance (Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury)
Aneurin Barnard's poster
Aneurin Barnard (Guy)
Jamie Foreman's poster
Jamie Foreman (Coteral)
Mackenzie Crook's poster
Mackenzie Crook (Marks)
Rhys Parry Jones's poster
Rhys Parry Jones (Wulfstan)
Vladimir Kulich's poster
Vladimir Kulich (Tiberius)
David Melville's poster
David Melville (Baron Darnay)
Annabelle Apsion's poster
Annabelle Apsion (Maddy)
Steffan Rhodri's poster
Steffan Rhodri (Cooper)
Daniel O'Meara's poster
Daniel O'Meara (Phipps)
Bree Condon's poster
Bree Condon (Agnes)
Guy Siner's poster
Guy Siner (Oaks)
Marcus Hoyland's poster
Marcus Hoyland (Abbott Marcus)
John Pierce Jones's poster
John Pierce Jones (Cook)
Jeff Jones's poster
Jeff Jones (Head Clerk)
Ceri Mears's poster
Ceri Mears (Blacksmith)
Kenneth Collard's poster
Kenneth Collard (Sapper Captain)
Wyn Bowen Harries's poster
Wyn Bowen Harries (Baron)
Dewi Williams's poster
Dewi Williams (Baron)
John Weldon's poster
John Weldon (Castle Darney Sentry)
Laura Sibbick's poster
Laura Sibbick (Castle Servant Girl)
Edward Manning's poster
Edward Manning (Mercenary)
Simon Nader's poster
Simon Nader (Hungarian Mercenaries (voice))
Steve Purbrick's poster
Steve Purbrick (Tavern Landlord)
Peter Bartfay's poster
Peter Bartfay (Hungarian Mercenaries (voice) (uncredited))
Dan Burman's poster
Dan Burman (Mercenary Scout (uncredited))
Ian M. Court's poster
Ian M. Court (Priest (uncredited))
David Harkus's poster
David Harkus (Young Soldier (uncredited))
Gerald Royston Horler's poster
Gerald Royston Horler (Hungarian Warrior (uncredited))
Rhys Horler's poster
Rhys Horler (Hungarian Warrior (uncredited))
Rhi Louise's poster
Rhi Louise (Topless Wench (uncredited))
Stuart Mager's poster
Stuart Mager (Garrison Guard (uncredited))
Christian Morgan's poster
Christian Morgan (Wounded Guard (uncredited))
Stevie Raine's poster
Stevie Raine (Mercenary Fight Performer (uncredited))
Carlton Venn's poster
Carlton Venn (King's Aid 2 (uncredited))